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make your video go viral

How to make your video go viral?

To make a video go viral requires a lot of efforts and resources are required unless you’re super lucky. However, highly shareable content or video can give you a lift, leading new people to your site, it can benefit you with the SEO and Sells. We have written 7 amazing tips on how you can make your video go viral. Let’s learn what is a viral video before reading on the tips.

What is a Viral Video?

Videos are the most effective channel of passing messages before an audience whether it’s commercial or non-commercial. These days, the viral video is most likely the form of online entertainment with the best global reach. The most in-demand viral videos are viewed by millions of people at times even billion from around the world, the competition for this completely new type of fame is fierce but viral stars can come from any background and can actually be made in a single day, therefore, all of us have the potential to become a viral smash hit. But how to become this smash hit? There are a few strategies that you should master in order to make your video go viral.

#1: Make your video fit the social trend of the time

With the number of different social media outlets spanning out content for various demographics, it has increasingly become challenging to keep an eye on what really matters to people of every age group and diverse interests – hence, a viral video is one which doesn’t require an explanation, it’s very simple and in addition it fits in with current digital trends. You’ll discover, that on Facebook, videos go viral a step forward than they actually do on YouTube. That’s due to the fact that on Facebook, you’ve got a much bigger demographic, and it isn’t narrowed simply to teenagers. Teenagers are extremely very hard to please with regards to content, so video that would go far must be reasonably short and rich. So, plan accordingly and follow up with the viral social topics of the time.

#2: Provoke emotions through your video

Regardless of whether the video gets you angry, happy, heartbreaking or ecstatic. It should stimulate some form of response to be able to really hit it home with the viewers so they’ll go and share it with their friends and relatives. If it doesn’t provoke any emotion to forget it – that video isn’t going viral.

#3: Video Platform Matters

It is a popular fact that Facebook can get more coverage for a video than YouTube. On the grounds that videos are blended well into the Facebook ecosystem, it is because the videos are easy to be shared by anyone. This shareable video shows up on the news feed of others which allows a video to be watched and in addition perform an activity, like reacting to a video by: clicking either ‘Like or Love’.

#4: Be Informative

Your target audience is always looking for new information as well as more effective ways to carry out each day’s tasks. If your video content is exciting and informative it is usually shared rapidly. Almost everyone desires to learn something they didn’t know and videos are typically an excellent tool for delivering first-class information. However, extra attention must be given to creating the best and most informative content that will surprise and inform viewers that this video must go viral.

#5: Inspire to Aspire

Currently, the remarkable story of Upworthy’s success is not new. The site skyrocketed to over six million unique page views monthly in its first year partly due to its popular (and infamous) headlines. One more reason is that the site searches inspiring and striking stories to share with their large audience. To get the viral advantage you desire, try to find stories to inspire your readership, regardless of whether it’s a story of dealing with struggle, standing up in the midst of adversity, or simply finding success. Audiences appreciate the great inspiring story and the more inspirational it is, the more your audience would want to share it with others.

#6: Eyes on SEO

Do you know about video SEO? An SEO agency can help you in getting your YouTube videos in front of the potential viewers. The title, description, and backlinks on the YouTube videos can make a huge difference. Learn more 10 tips about optimizing a website or video for SEO.

#7: Animated videos for marketing

You have an idea, money, and everything it needs to make a viral video. What next? Where to start? Well, animated explainer videos are an effective tool for marketing, create a script, get an animation video, & make it viral is much easier than a real video production.


Creating viral videos isn’t trouble-free — if it was, every business would have a number of viral hits. These tips can help you build up your content’s shareability and quality, enhancing your chances of making your video go viral. If you need any help with video production, contact us! Also, do share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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