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Evergreen Content that Keeps Converting Over and Over and Over….

Wowbix specializes in content marketing that expands your brand’s digital footprint, increase awareness and convert more leads. We combine keyword and customer research with content strategy and create evergreen convincing content. Our means of content distribution and repurposing authorize us to bring success to your door.

We tell stories that last forever.

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What is Content Marketing Anyway?

Content marketing is an art and science of setting your business up for profitable, scale-able and predictable traffic.

Do you rely entirely on a paid version for customer acquisition? It is good. But if you equally invest in content marketing services, it liberates you from securing monthly budget for conversion, ranks you organically and automatically converts acquisition to retention.

How good is getting repetitive value and ROI from the one-time investment?

Strategically written, promoted and repurposed content; long-form or short-form, Email or press release, video or podcast convinces better and lives longer than any other marketing endeavor without significant additional investment.

But ‘Writing Good Content’ only is not Content Marketing

93% of small businesses use content marketing while only 5% of them make the most out of it. Why?

They think they have written fancy content which has a good vocabulary and impressive sentences. The owners write their content themselves or have multiple in-house writers but content marketer? None!

The main reason for their failed content marketing campaigns!

Wowbix is a Content Marketing Agency that not only helps you Create Valuable Content But also Makes Your Prospects Engage with it and Love it

We help you step up and combine your writing with strategy and marketing tactics. We define how you create quality content that ranks and how you promote content that turns your customers into promoters and how you track and analyze your content’s performance.

Content Development and Management

Our content writers and copywriters are creative, pay attention to details and have substantial project management abilities. They work closely with our SEO teams and designers to make sure that every written piece is optimize-able and serves the purpose of our ROI-oriented content marketing services. We manage your content using trust-worthy CMS that helps you create and publish it in a website-friendly format quickly.

Blog Content

A perfectly written blog post that addresses your customers’ problems and provides valuable information is a lifetime digital asset. It builds trust even without a direct sales-pitch and works perfectly to increase subscribers. We have blog writers who help you develop and sustain a consistent brand voice across the blog content to build authority. They write SEO friendly and data-backed content that is hard to ignore.


Website Copywriting

The website is the cornerstone of any service-based business. If you have a great website which is ranked and has a good web-design but the way you’re talking to your customers is vague and robotic, it’s a total failure. We write web-copy that complement your web-design and convinces your prospects to stay, listen, get convinced and buy from you.

Email Marketing Content Writing

Every $1 spent on right email marketing brings $4 back. It is the most powerful asset for lead attraction, conversion and re-conversion. We power-up your email marketing by writing Email subject lines that have maximum open rate and Email content that ensures enhanced click-through rate. We split test and analyze performance as well.


Social Media Content Writing

Who can resist a social media post with an impressively smart and informational caption? No matter what kind of business you run, we create compelling social media content that can cease the scroll and get an instant reaction.

Press Release Content Writing

Our press releases address your targeted prospects and customers and communicate with them on a personal level. Also, our writers’ subject matter expertise helps you convince your customers to take the intended action. Our highly targeted press release writing and distribution via also make it sure that your prospects and customers find your content at the right time.


Content Promotion/Distribution

Content is nothing with the appropriate promotion. It cannot build trust and cannot bring leads if nobody knows it exists. Our content promotion and distribution services make it sure that your content is found by the right people at the right time.

Search engines prove to be the best content distributors. It is their responsibility to index and shows your content to the world. But what if they show your content on the 50th page? Who visits 50th SERP? Here come our SEO services.

After writing optimized content, we carry out white-hat on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization operations. They help search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo make your content visible to relevant people by ranking it on first SERP.

SEO in Content Marketing Services

PPC in Content Marketing Services

To enhance brand awareness and revenue by giving your content more visibility, we use paid media marketing. You can trust us for PPC campaigns, branded content, sponsored content, ads or any other form of paid promotion. It helps you generate more earned media and drive quick traffic to your owned media assets.

Search Engines’ algorithms track social signals and consider it a strong ranking factor. We develop a functional social media strategy; create content, manage accounts, run tests, ads and promotions. We make it sure that your content is widely shared on social media and your website wins authority.

Social Media Marketing in Content Writing Services

Our Content Marketing Strategy

Any marketing technique doesn’t work until it is backed by data, a process, and a strategy. We offer rock-solid content marketing strategy you can base your whole digital marketing campaign on. We cover analyzing your budget, staff requirements, tools, timeline, audits, content creation, distribution, and analysis.

Results and Analysis

Our content marketing services are based on metrics that prove success. We track, visualize and share the performance analytics with you. Tools we use for this purpose don’t limit to Google Analytics only. We have access to multiple robust premium tools that help us throughout the content marketing process. We run tests when needed and assess what works and what doesn’t and make appropriate improvements.

Why Choose Content Marketing Services by Wowbix?

By working with us, you get everything you need to ace content marketing for years; experience, in-depth knowledge and tools. Wowbix believes in evergreen content that can stay out there forever and can bring you leads with appropriate improvements and repurposing over time. Wowbix understands temporal content is good and attracts momentary attention but it is expensive, time-consuming and unsustainable. Thus, we help you save money and time that you waste on figuring out how you can avoid paying for entirely paid traffic and still get the same results. That’s Wowbix’s content marketing services for you.

We believe in providing you with something that you don’t have to worry about again and again.

SEO Marketing FAQs

How much time should I wait for results?

Search engine optimization is a long-term process, which takes anywhere from 3-6-12 months to get ranked for the desired and most profitable keywords. However, we understand the needs of small business owners, Thus, we plan our process accordingly. Wowbix promises to generate traffic in under 6 months for the domains older than 1 year. We do this by targetting low competition keywords and once ranked, our team will move towards high competition keywords.

My domain is new, when can I see rankings?

New domains come with a Sandbox penalty and it is difficult to rank them for any keyword other than their brand name until this penalty is removed. It usually takes 6 months for Google to trust a brand new domain, once this penalty is removed you can expect to rank for your desired keywords.

How much traffic can I expect from Google?

There is no perfect answer to this question. However, we don’t go for any keyword that has less than 1k searches. In our basic package, we offer rankings for 10 main keywords and the first position on each keyword can get you around 150-200 clicks.

How much should I spend on SEO?

Pricing depends on the desires and requirements. For example, if you want to throw your competitors out of Google, how much should you be spending? Obviously more than all of those competitors combined. Our real pricing for real results starts just $500, but we offer custom-made packages. Check out our SEO packages for more info:

SEO Packages & Pricing

Enjoy our one-time solution and rock your marketing funnels from the start with effective and affordable content marketing services by Wowbix.

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