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Want to boost your business online? Meet Wowbix, the leading and highly recognized digital marketing company. Currently located in Paramus, NJ, with the ability to effectively build and transform your brand. The creative team at Wowbix is focused on giving a massive boost to your business, transforming it into a big brand.


Our agency ensures that you experience and enjoy increased online visibility, customer loyalty, and increased conversion rates. By allowing our digital marketing agency to craft your campaign, you can be the next Zappos or American Express (AMEX) with an incredible success story.


Our Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Wowbix offers the best & the most affordable online marketing services that will allow your business to tap into a global, yet a specific market that is personalized with your brand. Play with the boxes below to learn more about our services:

Business Branding is the first & the most crucial part for any business as it distinguishes your business from the rest, giving you a competitive edge in a saturated market. Look at the Twitter, HubSpot, Uber or any big brand, what do they share in common? Yes, a nice logo and uniquely creative colors, except for Facebook (Kidding).


By bringing together all your successes and strengths as a business, we can help craft an unforgettable brand image. The brand image should depict your values and objectives, making it easy for your target audience to identify and connect with your company. Therefore, our logo design and graphic design services are what you should check out in order to convert your small business into an attractive brand.

A professional website is an entry ticket to the online world. Granted! There are numerous digital marketing companies available online. So, why choose us? Other than the fact that we are ranked as the Top Ten Local Marketing and SEO Agency by Upcity, there are numerous other reasons. Most noteworthy, our company is backed by our highly qualified and experienced team of developers, we are able to build, design and redesign interactive and engaging websites.


Websites often create the first impression of a particular brand or business hence, it must be able to convert a user into a buyer. Wowbix ensures that we remain updated on the latest technologies and trends. As a result, we craft websites that utilize effective tools and features to set them apart from the rest.


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Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are two incredible sufficient forms of digital marketing. Let’s say You have the website and all the right tools ready and you’re now waiting for the online traffic! Well, Unfortunately, a website without SEO is like a home in the forest with no roads leading towards it!


However, the good news is that our digital marketing company places most of our focus on SEO, and rightly so. By correctly structuring your content with the right keywords, you will get ranked among the top five search engine results. You can achieve the best results with our professional search engine optimization services in only 3-6 months. Your website will start generating the traffic and will be on the search engines for most of your desired keywords.


If you’re looking for a quick and temporary traffic, paying Google for Adwords can help. Whatever service you prefer, our company can help your business by generating more leads for you.

Explainer videos, expertly crafted ones of course, often go viral after the first share. They have the power to convince your message to the audience visually. Companies such as Lowes Home Improvement and Taco Bell went viral online by simply crafting and utilizing videos. Normally running for at least 60 seconds or more, the video takes long hours and work.


Our digital marketing company can do all the hard work for you to make your business go viral in a matter of seconds. Check out our 2d animation services.

As we all know, the social media was just for social interactions, posting pictures and online chats. But, with the changing trends, it has now become more than just a simple Facebook update or Instagram post. It all boils down to effective profile development, constant customer engagement and effective tracking and accurate reporting on progress. It is now used to by the small to big sized businesses to increase their online presence and trust factor.


Our social media marketing services are the best because they allow you to be in a constant communication with your loyal customers without even logging into your social account. The social media experts at Wowbix can be your right hand in managing your social accounts and increasing the awareness. This will, in turn, lead to increased ROI and conversion rates.

Top Reasons to Choose our Company

1. Passionate Marketing Company that won’t let you fail!

Wowbix was launched in 2015 and for the last three years, with the dedication and passion of our amazing team, we have become a leading digital marketing agency in NJ. Ranked as the Top Local Marketing & SEO Agency by Upcity.





2. Result-driven Marketing Services that can be measured.

Wowbix is focused on providing result-driven services that certainly can easily be measured & monitored. Hence, with our measurable monthly reports, you’ll be able to check our seriousness towards your project.

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  • Very nice work and great communication. I can recommend it to anybody!
    Lucienne Suter
  • Great work, excellent attention to detail and very good communication. I used wowbix for a project of mine and highly recommend!
    Tommy Ash
  • Great communication and was committed to finishing the job on time. My projects came out well with in the given short time period. I am very happy that I found them.
    Claire Harison
    HR at Market C.O
  • I have been using Wowbix team for over 2 years now, I transformed my business with the creative marketing Wowbix did for my business from the website to the marketing videos to artworks. I like to thank Sundas and Shehryar Aziz for all the hard work they put in. Amazing company.
    Robert Gabriel
    CEO at Microwize Technology, Inc.

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All of our strategies & campaigns are based on effective strategic planning before actually launch them. As a result, this allows us to craft the correct and most efficient course of action to increase brand visibility and success. In contrast, it also allows us to create the best solutions that are specific and personalized to your exact brand. Contact us to find out how we can help your business to grow with the best and affordable digital marketing services that we offer!!!

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