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Wowbix is the leading New Jersey Web Design Company that helps you optimize your lead conversion. Our focus on functionality, lead generation and conversions instead of aesthetics alone help us bring you measurable results.

Tell us what’s on Your Mind and we will Help You turn it into Reality.


Why do you need a website design anyway?

A user-friendly, responsive and device optimized website design has all the power to acquire and retain your customers. It builds trust and brand authority. “77 % of Americans now own smartphones in 2018“. Moreover, 94% of first impressions about businesses are made on the base of website design in both B2B and B2C industries.

The boundless access to the internet and increased use of mobile phones has made it easier to find solutions online. Therefore, website design is the first imperative asset that you can use to attract, convert and delight your ideal clientele in just a few seconds.

New Jersey web design company

BUT Website Designing is not just a game of colors and fonts.

Raise hands if it speaks your heart:

  • You have decided to virtualize your business and market yourself through a professional website.
  • You’ve heard stories of good website design revolutionizing the ROI so you have downloaded a famous ROI generating website template.
  • You already have an operating website which doesn’t convert no matter what you do. You drive reasonable traffic, but lead conversion? It feels like a distant dream.
  • You cannot demonstrate how to track ROI and how to analyze your web design performance.
  • Your website doesn’t play any role in your digital marketing strategy.
  • You want to improve a few elements, but you don’t have web development skills.
  • People ask you to re-design your website because trends are changing. But you don’t have enough resources to re-design your website every year or worse, every month.

This whole digital chaos you can’t make sense of significantly reduces the performance of your business.

48% of people think that a functional and responsive website design predicts the credibility of any business. No matter how valuable your product is if you can’t impress your visitors with something convincing within the first 4-8 seconds, you lose your value to your competitors. Your website is central to your internet marketing strategy. Traffic driven from social media, paid ads, blog posts and forms is directed to your website.

What is the point if you qualify leads and then suddenly lose them because of vague, populated web design? It needs to change. To get rid of this chaos, you need a website design company who understands your needs, your customers’ unique demands and have all the necessary skills to make your website a sales platform and an integral part of your online marketing strategy.

This is Why you can Trust Our New Jersey Web Design Company

Wowbix has designed more than 100 responsive websites for small to medium-sized businesses in NJ in a short time as three years. We have helped our clients reach the highest level of rankings and online presence with SEO optimized websites. The data-driven approach and rock-solid experience of working within the same domain have equipped us with enough wisdom and tactics to guide your business on the road of success.

User-Friendly Websites

We design responsive websites that load quickly, provide the best user experience and develop anticipation. Use of attractive visual details coupled with the clear call to actions makes our New Jersey Web Design Company favorite of many small businesses.

Mobile-Responsive Websites

40% of the visitors will bounce back and visit your competitor’s website if your website is not mobile friendly. We help you design your website that loads and operates perfectly on all shapes and sizes of devices and convert your leads into customers while you sleep.

Websites with Clear Scope

Clarity is everything. When you confuse your potential customers with a lot of non-complementing colors, illegible fonts and weirdly positioned content and CTAs, it makes them feel bad about your business. We ensure the specificity and clarity of your website design so that you can convey your message clearly.

Intuitive Navigation

Our New Jersey Web Design Company is known for developing a sense of prediction in visitors’ mind. We strategically design a website that guides visitors through certain levels of buyer journey and doesn’t let them leave without taking the intended action. The hierarchy of different web-design elements that address the problem and propose clear solutions help us let our clients close more deals.

Strategically Designed Websites

Website design without a solid strategy is nothing more than showing off an aesthetical masterpiece that looks good but doesn’t convince to take action. We develop a rock-solid website design strategy that helps you make maximum out of your ground investment and you can anticipate it with every growing step.

Detailed performance Analysis

Wowbix doesn’t leave you midway after designing or re-designing your website. We run A/B tests to assess what works and what doesn’t. Wowbix also monitors conversion rates of different elements such as CTAs, pop-ups, color pallets, landing pages, etc. Wowbix modifies things after user-testing and ensures the optimized performance of your website. We also help you convert more visitors into customers and eventually win more ROI.

All Kinds of Professional Web Design Services

Wowbix has worked with a number of local and global small to medium-sized businesses and has designed all kinds of custom websites. We design simple business websites, corporate websites, personal websites, portfolio websites, e-commerce websites, forums, landing pages, sales pages, and social sharing websites.

Wowbix is one-of-its-kind New Jersey Web Design Company

Wowbix takes pride in having highly creative and skillful NJ Website Designers on-board!


We are recognized as a top New Jersey Web Design Agency on DesignRush. Our web designers and developers are equipped with the latest web design trends and help you tell your story via creatively designed websites. User-experience is one of our top concerns. To personalize our Professional Web Design and Development Services according to your customers’ demands, we offer these signature service features.

  • Quick turnaround
  • 24/7 customer support
  • One-to-one consultation
  • Custom web designs
  • Custom graphic designs
  • Updated knowledge and tools
  • 100% search engine optimized websites
  • Quick indexing and improved conversion
  • Well-maintained search engine rankings
  • Highly skilled designers and strategists
  • Great aesthetic and coding abilities
  • Affordable & award winning services

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you be able to build a website that will fit my requirements and needs?

Wowbix will send you a questionnaire and if possible, we’ll have a one-on-one chat with you to learn about your requirements and needs. We will ask you to send everything you have that will help us in building a website. Once we’ll have your requirements and everything in hand, our designers will create an awesome website for you.

How long does it take you to deliver a website?

It usually takes us 20-30 days to complete a website once we have everything that we need to start the website.

Which software/platform do you use for web design?

We use and recommend WordPress to all of our clients. WordPress is the most secure and easy to manage Content Management System. If you need your site to be developed in any other platform, just let us know.

What if the website is not up to my expectation?

We offer unlimited revisions until you’re 100% satisfied. Once your project is started, our website developer will be in constant communication with you to make sure you’re getting the best website in your industry.

What do you need to develop my website?

We will need hosting details, domain details, logo and any content that you would like to have on your website.

What if I don't have a hosting or domain?

If you don’t have a hosting or domain Wowbix will be able to help. We have our own servers to host your websites and we can guide you on buying your domains.

What if I don't have a logo?

All of our website packages come with a FREE logo design. If you need a logo, just let us know.

I don't have a website copy?

If you don’t have a copy for your website or want us to write the copy for your website pages, just let us know. Our content writers would love to assist you on this.

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