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Wowbix is a Professional SEO Marketing Company that helps you rank your website for the searches relevant to your business. Wowbix has helped hundreds of small businesses like yours to improve their website traffic by an average of 300%. Want to talk about ‘how’? Our signature SEO tracking & researching skills are what makes us different from other Companies. If you have been worrying about lost SEO investment, let Wowbix rebuilt your trust in this fate-changing phenomenon.

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What is SEO Marketing Services, Anyway?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the second half of digital marketing and it is all okay to call it a marketing revolution. Search engine optimization is competing against old marketing tactics such as T.V ads, billboards, radio ads etc. Well, since the invention of the World Wide Web and digital devices people are relying completely on their gadgets/electronic devices to obtain information.

This fact makes SEO a successful marketing strategy, even better than old marketing tactics since it doesn’t force a viewer to watch something completely irrelevant like TV ads.

In simple words, search engine optimization is just a process of developing and improving your content for search engines.

If you’re still thinking about why you need SEO Marketing Services, let’s take an example of a product which is popular in town and people are searching for it. How would someone sell that? This is where professional search engine optimization services come into play! Incorporating it at the top of your digital marketing strategy can increase your revenue, sells, online presence & much more.

Professional SEO Services to boost your Conversions

A lot of people complain about zero conversions from SEO even after ranking on the top terms. Well, just showing up on searches is different than converting your users into buyers. Lead conversion requires advanced optimization skills.

Wowbix has been experimenting with different techniques to find out why most companies fail at lead conversions. We have found a strong correlation of technical optimizations with conversions, where most SEO consultants fail.

Let’s find out how we can help you boost your sales.

  • Keyword Research Services

    Traffic Relevancy

    If your site is currently failing in conversion, this could be because your visitors are not interested in what you do. It can be fixed by auditing your traffic analytics and traffic sources. At Wowbix, we focus on niche-based traffic targeting that results into solid conversions.
  • SEO Optimized Copywriting Services

    Content is King

    Content is King and it will always be. Period. If your content is not solid, you will definitely lose visitors! At Wowbix, our expert copywriters are focused on writing convertible content, that won't just convert but will rank too.
  • SEO Marketing Services

    Website Optimization

    Your website landing page plays an important role in lead conversions. If your site is badly designed, it will result in high bounce and exit rate. At Wowbix, we will take care of your landing page designs and will make them convertible and rankable.
  • Professional SEO Company

    Marketing Content

    Content marketing is an important ranking factor. At Wowbix, we use social media, press releases, and high-quality guest postings to market content. This increases direct traffic, website authority, online presence and website rankings as well.
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SEO Myth: Is it too late for me to start?

While it’s true that websites that focus on SEO from the early stages get better rankings and organic traffic but it doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you! However, it really puts a burden on you to look for the best SEO marketing services experts that really know the stuff.

Answer: It’s never late!”


You should start from today because there is no competitor you can never beat! (maybe except for Bill Gates)

What’s Included in Our SEO Campaigns?

Once your project is initiated, our professional SEO experts will start working on your project by analyzing and improving your business rankings from day one. All of your internet marketing burdens will be on our shoulders and our team will do almost everything to clear your path to success. We will also prepare an SEO audit report that will be sent via email in the first week of the campaign. The report will contain all the below findings and ideas that we will want to discuss.

Brand Visibility:

Brand visibility report is generated by doing a couple of online searches of your brand. Your brand visibility plays an important role in Local SEO rankings.

Google My Business:

If you don’t have My Business profile yet, you should get one. Your proper location, information, address & timings must be present in your GMB profile. What could be better than getting a brand mention from Google itself? GMB is the first thing where local SEO starts.


Citations are references to your business, they include (NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number). Google loves citations and they will make you pop up on top when someone searches for something related to your business. We help you submit your business to local HQ directories for better branding.

Online Review Management:

If you have profiles on social websites, it is important that your reputation is well managed. Our professional SEO team will perform review management for you to make sure everyone loves your business. Review management includes getting fake reviews removed and much more.

Website Technical Issues:

Your website must load fast and it should be useful for your visitors.


About 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices, thus your website must be responsive on all devices. Mobile responsiveness has become an important ranking factor. Thus, our SEO company makes sure that your site is mobile friendly.

Page Speed Test:

No one likes to visit slow websites, not even Google. Your site must load under 3-5 seconds in order to beat your competitors on Google. Our expert team will take care of your website loading speed.

Issues & Webmaster:

Urls, redirections, custom 404s, sitemaps, analytics and everything else must be properly handled in order to retain and get rankings.

On-Page & Off-Page:

Your on-page factors are as important as your off-page factors. Fortunately, we can take care of everything.

Optimized Content:

Your content must be optimized and unique. We regularly perform duplicate content checks to make sure the content is unique. Our team will perform keyword research and our content writers will write compelling and SEO optimized articles for your website.

Linkings, Title & Meta:

The site structure, internal linking, title, and meta descriptions play an important role in rankings. Wowbix creates award-winning site structures and writes titles and metas that increase your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and rankings.


Our experts will perform a complete audit of your backlink profile, and if we’ll find any spammy links, we’ll disavow them. Our SEO services include creating High-Quality Backlinks that will give your website ranking boost in no time.

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What else do we offer in our SEO Marketing Services?

Want more? Good news, Our professional SEO marketing firm is offering extras that you’ll love:

Professional SEO Marketing Services
  • Social Media Profile Creation & Postings
  • Solid Keyword Research
  • Keyword Trend Monitoring
  • Webmaster & Analytics Setup
  • SEO Plugin Installation & Setup
  • Setting Up Schema Markups
  • Creating Silo Site Structure
  • Website Plugin and Theme Updates
  • Monthly Tracking Reports
  • 24/7 Support
  • Video Marketing (Include in Enterprise SEO)

Why Do We Call Ourself A Professional SEO Company?

Wowbix is not less than an asset to us and our regular customers. It is the professional SEO agency that has escalated its performance and has earned the reputation of being the best in only three years. We have worked with hundreds of local and international clients. From designing strategy and successfully implementing to finally giving back the measurable results, we have done it all.

Our certified specialists & tested services are the core reason we are talking to you right now and you are accessing from the very first page of Google.

» Awarded
» Quick response and 24/7 support
» Friendly Communication
» One-to-one Interaction
» Complete Exposure to the Process
» Affordable SEO Pricing
» Quick Reporting & Regular Tracking
» Measurable Results in terms of Ranking, Traffic, and ROI
» Professional SEO Company with extensive in-field experience
» & much more…

SEO Marketing FAQs

How much time should I wait for results?

Search engine optimization is a long-term process, which takes anywhere from 3-6-12 months to get ranked for the desired and most profitable keywords. However, we understand the needs of small business owners, Thus, we plan our process accordingly. Wowbix promises to generate traffic in under 6 months for the domains older than 1 year. We do this by targetting low competition keywords and once ranked, our team will move towards high competition keywords.

My domain is new, when can I see rankings?

New domains come with a Sandbox penalty and it is difficult to rank them for any keyword other than their brand name until this penalty is removed. It usually takes 6 months for Google to trust a brand new domain, once this penalty is removed you can expect to rank for your desired keywords.

How much traffic can I expect from Google?

There is no perfect answer to this question. However, we don’t go for any keyword that has less than 1k searches. In our basic package, we offer rankings for 10 main keywords and the first position on each keyword can get you around 150-200 clicks.

How much should I spend on SEO?

Pricing depends on the desires and requirements. For example, if you want to throw your competitors out of Google, how much should you be spending? Obviously more than all of those competitors combined. Our real pricing for real results starts just $500, but we offer custom-made packages. Check out our SEO packages for more info:

SEO Packages & Pricing

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