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top latest digital marketing trends

The Top Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 (Updated)

Most of the organizations and almost every professional digital marketing company which uses technology, creativity, analytical expertise and insights to provide the best online marketing services such as Web Design, Animation, SEO, Social Media Marketing etc. Mostly rely on current (latest) digital marketing trends to ensure successful brand conversion rates.

To follow the latest & current digital marketing trends is not an easy task for any company or organization. The online marketing industry does not slow down and it continues to evolve globally every day. Thanks to the success of digital marketing trends of 2016 & 2017. The trends are now transformed into even better innovation. Digital field is dominated by the future thinkers, who are focused on generating revenue, growth and inbound marketing strategies as their first priority. They have the foresight to plan ahead and anticipate changes. Such that any small business organization must need to act fast in order to keep up with the latest and current digital marketing trends. Here are some of the Top Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 (Updated) that will impact various industries in the future.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to keep an eye in 2018:

→ Behavioral analytics
→ Smart beacons
→ Data visualization tool
→ Live video streaming *
→ VoIP Phone Systems *

#1. Behavioral Analytics; An Important Trend

Thanks to the machine learning algorithms, digital marketers now can collect a significant amount of refined data in just half an hour of internet browsing. This can enable organizations, advertisers, psychologists, etc to predict and segment audiences, according to personality type rather by age and gender. This data trend is very useful for small businesses to create effective digital strategies & target only the potential client by using behavioral data.



#2. Smart Beacons & AR Update in Google Maps

Research shows that 80% of millennials that use their phone in-stores prefer to receive location-based mobile alerts. Smart beacon uses Bluetooth to directly alert retailers when customers are in their signal range. So they can communicate with them at a targeted time or range in promoting their products. This is brilliant because it makes it easy for marketers to place relevant offers into the hands of their customers. Such as: sending a customer a coupon or discount code the minute they are next to the store. Smartphones are an important part of our lives & smart beacons taking advantage of this importance. It also allows consumer data collection in order to determine the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and strategies.

On the other side, Google is planning to upgrade Google Maps with new coolest features. It’s not similar to what Beacon does, but it’s not hard to predict that something similar is going to be included in Google Maps soon. However, the Augmented Reality update in Google Maps is going to be an amazing transformational trend in digital marketing of 2018. The Google My Business listing is already an important part to market any business locally, but after this update, it won’t be just important, but a requirement.




#3. Data Visualization Tool; WHAT, WHEN, WHY

There are many data visualization tools available in the market today. But due to the vast amounts of raw numerical data in collective marketing information. Such as who’s buying what, when, why, and what is most effective for the consumers. We have seen data analysts claim to have problems interpreting it. This is in part due to a rapidly evolving landscape in the B2B Intelligence market. The need for organizations to collect, process, and analyze data sets of all forms and sizes. We expect to see more systems in the market that will support large volumes of data in the future.



#4.  Live Video Streaming

In terms of views and engagement, the social media users have begun to demand more in-the-moment content that gives them a remote view of world’s events as they happen. This is something people haven’t been able to do in the past, the 2016 & 2017 saw live-streamed content sky-rocket, with viewers spending on average 3 times longer watching live video broadcasts than other video uploads. This has seen a large number of brands, publishers, media companies, sports brands, retailers and more jump on board to take advantage of this digital marketing trend. The Instagram and Facebook are the most used live video streaming platforms, more social media platforms are trying to keep up with these trends. Let’s hear about live video streaming from Adobe Experience Cloud YouTube video:


#5.  VoIP Phone Systems

It’s getting difficult to use landlines in the era of smartphones and the internet, thus, technology giants developed VoIP that allows you to operate your landline phones from your smartphones. The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is increasing in popularity as more and more companies are looking to sell or resell it. The Skype is leading with the best system and Google hangouts is trying the best to compete. Then there are many VoIP resellers that are known because of offering the best VoIP phone system at low cost.


Are you digitally ready for 2018?

Apart from the above trends, make sure to keep up with the following:

  1. Animated explainer videos are also becoming a new trend in the digital marketing field. Find out the seven benefits of using animated video for online businesses.
  2. Search Engine Optimization is the most important part of the digital field, make sure your business has the first spot on Google.
  3. Social Media is the heart of Global marketing so make sure your social media marketing agency is the most experienced one.

Here are the evergreen digital marketing trends that WOWBIX follows:

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

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