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ppc-trends-2019The popularity of Pay-Per-Click Marketing has been growing steadily for years.

We’ve seen mostly novelty and improvement in 2018, and Google expects further gradual progress.

Yet others are hopeful of major developments.

So let’s look at the upcoming PPC trends 2019 has in store.

What does the future hold?

Broadly speaking, there are three goals that PPC marketing will push for in the coming year.

PPC Trends 2019 — Automation

With recent advances in machine learning, we’ll see more and more tasks handled by automated routines. PPC marketing is no exception. Google has been using responsive ads to predict optimal asset placement. Many marketers are automatically optimizing keywords for close variants. Bid management, of course, has largely been automated already.

The push to get advertisers to rely on Google’s automation solutions is growing stronger. Those who still resist, do so for various reasons, but the trend can’t be denied. At least in this aspect, the outcome is predictable.

But will ad men be replaced by AI in 2019? Signs point to no. At least in the near future, man and machine will need to work together. After all, grunt work can only be delegated so far.

PPC Trends 2019 — Attribution

It’s an awful cliché to say that the world is getting more interconnected. Still, the truth of this claim should be evident in 2019 thanks to marketing attribution. Charting the path that connects the consumer to the product has not been getting any easier. In the PPC context, cross-platform advertising turns campaign planning into a nightmare.

Still, there is a broad consensus on attribution being a key factor in future strategic planning. New tools that enable user experience tracking should make it easier to accurately understand what works and what doesn’t.

PPC Trends 2019 — Audiences

Experts have been quoted as saying that after 2019, marketing focus will finally shift away from keywords. For decades, advertisers have been trying to target the right people at the right time. (In truth, PPC itself is a part of that strategy.) Thanks to social media, they can now do this more precisely than ever before.

Keywords were long the crux of this effort. Why not get people to click on your link when they’re searching for a product like yours? But the ranking jungle is now crowded, and the bidding wars more ruinous. Now, profiling the audience is a viable alternative.

In 2019, advertisers will analyze customer demographics and come up with new ways of appealing to them. Yet it remains to be seen if this new approach can do away with the venerable keyword. While the balance may shift, both strategies will likely continue to coexist.

Into the Unknown

Needless to say, this is all highly speculative — we’re trying to get a glimpse of the future. It’s hard to predict which exact PPC trends 2019 will bring, but they’ll be in these three broad categories.

If interested in the subject, find a reliable source and stay on top of new developments in the field.

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