Top Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services

Thanks to social media, everyone is connected with everyone socially and digitally. Your buyers are using social media, they are there always! Why not put your business in front of them? At Wowbix, we provide the best social media marketing that is designed to increase sells and website traffic. We create profiles, create posts, audit social profiles, manage reputation, and manage profiles. You don’t have to worry about your social side anymore since we’re here to take care of your online business.

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We Do Effective Social Media Marketing With Brilliant Ideas

Our social media marketing company is never afraid of applying new marketing tactics and we’re always overloaded with new ideas. We believe that your business can win only if you’re aware of the marketing hot topics and trends. Wowbix understands the importance of targeting the hot topics in social campaigns thus we’re always looking for the hot topics. Furthermore, if you are aware of the latest findings on users intent, you must know that engaging posts have the ability to engage the viewers. If marketing is done right, you can get any reader to do whatever you want!  (talking about the click-throughs only 😛).

social media marketing services

Few Services that are Covered in our Social Media Package:

  • Creating Social Profiles
  • Analyzing Target Audience
  • Creating Content
  • Researching Competitor’s Social Profile
  • Creating Quality Content
  • Engaging Your Audience
  • Advertising Campaigns

Be Found on Social Networks with FREE eBOOK

We understand that every business cannot afford to hire an SMM agency, and we don’t mind sharing our experiences and tips with you for FREE. As a complete digital marketing company, Wowbix is always focused on experimenting with new ideas on the social accounts of our clients. Hence, the team at Wowbix has created an eBook in which we have included our best findings. The eBook contains the best social media marketing strategies that you should be focusing on to increase your revenue with the help of the social media platform.

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We offer packages that any business can afford!

The price below is very low, does it mean we’ll be compromising on quality? NO, we won’t! At Wowbix, our mission is to WOW the clients with the best and affordable services. We will be creating effective social media campaigns throughout the contract. Also, we will be doing extra work every month for you. If you have searched for other companies, you must know that the social media services usually start at $1,000 to $20,000 per month. Isn’t that too much, right? Well, at Wowbix, our price is much below than the average market price and our work is SEO focused and result driven.

Basic Social Media Package


Social Media Management

Account Creation.

Google Plus listing.

2-4 custom posts & 1 blog article / month

Facebook Ad Promotion Strategies to Increase Reach and Engagement

Dedicated Social Media Specialist

Monthly Timeline Promotions to Engage your Followers

Add-ons Available to Customize a Campaign that Works Best for you