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We represent a Social Media Marketing Agency in NJ that helps small to medium-sized businesses grow. We make you interact with your prospects, increase brand visibility and earn measurable outcomes through our strategically focused SMM Services.

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Social Media Marketing Agency that Does Something More than Bringing Anonymous Likes on Your Social Media Profiles

Social Media Marketing Services AgencyHow many of 3.30 billion social media users can possibly be your potential customers? Even a wild guess can help you realize how much you’re missing out if you’re not investing your time and money in social media marketing.

An image, a simple video, a message or a single story can revolutionize your brand retention, if done right.
65% of Americans use social media and on average, every user checks his timelines 17 times a day. It means you miss a chance to convert your prospect with every passing second without an appropriate social media presence.

Already have social media profiles? How much traffic you’re driving to your website? Is your following consistently growing every month? What’s the proportion of people interacting with and loving your social media content? Have sales increased?

If you don’t have a significant answer, you need rock-solid social media marketing services. They will equip you with a plan and resources to work on your business goals. They will also provide you with a blueprint for consistent overall progress in the future.

Wowbix offers such operative social media marketing services that help you identify your customers, engage with them, convince them to buy from you and trust you forever. Our New Jersey-based Agency also helps you rank your website on search engines quickly by validating your online presence.

Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns are customer-oriented, trendy and proven to deliver results.

Audience & Competitors Research

We do in-depth research about your potential customers, design your buyer persona and identify how you can solve their problem. We also study your competitors to develop unique strategies to outrun them.

Social Media Strategies

Our NJ-based social media agency develop custom strategies for every business and decide when and what to post. After analyzing your followers’ activities, we make appropriate changes in the strategy to optimize your performance.

Social Media Content Creation

From writing content to creating exclusive images and videos, our NJ-based social media agency do it all. We create content which is unique, interactive and fascinates the attention of your prospects while they scroll down impatiently.

Social Media Content Marketing

We market your content to the most suitable people who are more likely to buy from you. Our social media services promote your brand through paid campaigns, run ads and get influencers talking about you on different social media channels.

Automation & Repurposing

Our New Jersey-based social media marketing firm helps you save time by automating the posting and analysis of your social media content using authentic software. We also help you make most out of your existing content by appropriate repurposing.

Analysis, Reporting & Testing

Our team provide you with weekly reports and analyze the data to optimize the performance. We test social media platforms, publishing times and campaigns to customize our social media marketing services.

Retweets, Likes, Shares, Comments, Connections, Pins, Reviews – We Bring Everything to Your Door

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

68% of Americans use Facebook. Our Facebook marketing services involve crafting appealing Facebook content (text, images, and videos), managing ads and engaging with your audience. We also run the analysis to see what works for your business and what doesn’t to improve performance.

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Twitter Marketing Services

Our services help you identify and target your ideal customers among 261 million people on Twitter. We make a content plan, do hashtag research, create interactive tweets, run ads and instantly interact with your customers on Twitter. We make it certain that you have a brand-centric Twitter profile and your customers are attended round the clock.

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Twitter Marketing Services

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram Marketing Services

With 1 billion users, Instagram is the most influential platform to market your products or services. We promote your brand and help you increase your sales by creating interactive visual content; posts, stories, videos, polls etc. We target highly specific people through Instagram ads and help you grow your online presence eventually leading to more sales.

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Pinterest Marketing Services

Pinterest is the latest platform to boost relevant traffic, increase visibility and attract more customers. 93% pinners use Pinterest to make purchases. We create brand-oriented pin-boards, design interactive images and make it sure that your pins are continuously re-pinned by the most relevant users.

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Pinterest Marketing Services

Linkedin Marketing Services

LinkedIn Marketing Services

500 million people use LinkedIn. We use the marketing opportunities on LinkedIn and endorse your brand to your target audience. From creating blog posts to slides and images, we do it all to help you interact with new prospects or professionals and create a powerful online presence.

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What’s More in Our Social Media Marketing Services?

  • Highly Convertible and Relevant Website Traffic
  • Social Media Profiles with Coherent Brand Voice
  • Overall Growth Optimization
  • Brand Exposure
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Improved Communication
  • Crisis Management
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Case Studies
  • Instant Reporting


A plethora of Traffic – Bursts of Clicks – Mounted Revenue

We track your brand mentions and relevant conversations across multiple social media channels to properly monitor your campaigns’ performance. Keeping your niche in mind, we analyze which social media platform works best for you. We identify your business goals and optimize your campaigns around them at our NJ-based social media marketing company.

If you want to increase social engagement, we make it sure that your following is increased organically. Similarly, if you want to increase your website traffic and direct sales, we ensure the maximum click-through-rate and consistently high ROI.

Why Our Clients Keep Choosing Our Social Media Marketing Agency?

Because we believe in something more than dry engagement; we believe in consistent sales, influence, and revenue!

Our knowledge about the latest trends, use of updated tools and techniques make Wowbix one of the leading social media marketing agency in New Jersey. Our ability to find custom lucrative solutions for marketing problems of every business we work with sets us apart from others. We care about your business like ours and make it certain that our every step leads your business towards better engagement, lead nurturing, customer satisfaction and impressive ROI.

SEO Marketing FAQs

How much time should I wait for results?

Search engine optimization is a long-term process, which takes anywhere from 3-6-12 months to get ranked for the desired and most profitable keywords. However, we understand the needs of small business owners, Thus, we plan our process accordingly. Wowbix promises to generate traffic in under 6 months for the domains older than 1 year. We do this by targetting low competition keywords and once ranked, our team will move towards high competition keywords.

My domain is new, when can I see rankings?

New domains come with a Sandbox penalty and it is difficult to rank them for any keyword other than their brand name until this penalty is removed. It usually takes 6 months for Google to trust a brand new domain, once this penalty is removed you can expect to rank for your desired keywords.

How much traffic can I expect from Google?

There is no perfect answer to this question. However, we don’t go for any keyword that has less than 1k searches. In our basic package, we offer rankings for 10 main keywords and the first position on each keyword can get you around 150-200 clicks.

How much should I spend on SEO?

Pricing depends on the desires and requirements. For example, if you want to throw your competitors out of Google, how much should you be spending? Obviously more than all of those competitors combined. Our real pricing for real results starts just $500, but we offer custom-made packages. Check out our SEO packages for more info:

SEO Packages & Pricing

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