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Why Search Engine Optimization? Well, we can’t find one business out there who’d say they’re happy with their income. Even the highly successful business will continue to aim higher. Whether your business is lying stagnant, or you want to get to the next level, you will need to hire digital marketing experts to grab the top position online and here come the SEO services.

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How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your website higher on the search engines. What do higher rankings on Google mean? Well, it simply means an increase in the organic traffic to your site which will help to generate more leads for your business. Are you still thinking WHY SEO? How does it works or does it work at all? Well, to answer these questions you can ask yourself, how did you find us? You must have searched for a combination of words on google to find us right? That’s how it works :).

SEO is a Business Revolution

Gone are the days when people used to read the information in the newspaper. Even the marketing field once was only relied on the newspapers, TV advertisement and local advertisements. But search engines have replaced most of the old era selling tactics and it has upgraded the marketing field into a digital marketing field. However, because of this digital marketing revolution industry has now become overcrowded with lots of new products and online companies. Today, search engine optimization & marketing can play a vital role in growing any business and keeping it alive and on top. Don’t waste your money on the old marketing tactics it won’t help your organization anymore, do hire a professional SEO company to stand higher.

Benefits of Professional Search Engine Optimization Services:

Do I really need a Professional SEO Company?

There are hundreds or thousands of benefits of hiring an SEO company. The most important benefit is that you can increase your sales and grow your business by up to 90%. But what if you’re happy where your business is at? Do you still need it? Well, It’s only a matter of time before your competitor edges forward and takes your coveted position on Google or locally. Thus the SEO is the most important factor in 2018 to increase the leads and sales. Because it’s intricately linked to the success of your online business. In fact, it’s as important as the day you decided to put your business online. Wowbix can assist your business with every aspect of online marketing, including providing affordable SEO services for startups or any size of businesses including small businesses.

Help, I Need to Rank Higher!

If your website is dead on page two, we can get you up to the page one of Google. Wowbix tackles your difficult ranking problems to get you higher on the search engines. So, if you have no clue what to do, we can assist you with every step of search engine optimization. If you’re uncertain about what SEO is, or how to achieve good Google rankings, we can still help you get there from scratch.

SEO Myth #01: “It’s too late for me to start my SEO now”


You can start whenever you want, there is no competitor you can never beat! (maybe except for Bill Gates)

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Monthly Content & SEO Management

My business is on top of the search engines, should I still hire an SEO company?

Congrats on making on top! But while it’s great that you’ve finally achieved number one, since the internet is such a highly competitive market, chances are that the guy next door(your competitor) is going to be giving you the boot in no time at all.
Thus, you still need to monthly SEO management services to do the monthly optimization of your website and to keep track of your’s and your competitor’s rankings. You need to ensure that you keep your website optimized for search engines so that you stay in that highly desired number one position on page one of Google. Our management services include content management,  website strategical development & much more…

Guaranteed Organic SEO Results:

Do you want your website to be in front of your potential clients? Do you want your website to be on the top of the search results? How about getting your web pages on the first page of Google? Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Wowbix is here to help you, Wowbix provides professional search engine optimization services that are natural, organic and white-hat which will get you the permanent search rankings for all of your keywords.
In order to accomplish the organic search engine results, we create effective SEO campaigns at the start of the projects. We have learned to make the perfect SEO strategies that work, through our years of experience & practice. We can help you to get your business in front of your potential customers which will bring more traffic to your website and we guarantee you the top page rankings for your chosen keywords.

professional search engine optimization services

Our SEO Services:

⇒ 100% White-hat & Organic
⇒ Website Optimization
⇒ On-page Optimization
⇒ Off-page Optimization
⇒ High PR Link Building
⇒ SEO Content Development
⇒ Bad/Toxic links Removal
⇒ Top Page Rankings
⇒ WordPress SEO
⇒ eCommerce SEO
⇒ Shopify SEO
⇒ & Much More…

Why Hire Wowbix?

As a professional digital marketing company, Wowbix strictly focuses on generating new leads for the clients. We do care for the small business owners thus provide them with custom and affordable SEO packages. Wowbix only works with white-hat optimization strategies. Since day one, we have the experience to get our clients their desired Google rankings. Yes, that’s all we do, and we can get you where you want to go on search engines! The longer you wait, the longer it is going to take to achieve good rankings. Please reach out and hire us today. We don’t use any tricks or gimmicks that are going to get you ranked fast but involve a hard drop. We follow the latest Google algorithms to provide you with the best professional SEO services.

Affordable Professional & Local SEO

Are you looking for local SEO marketing or local optimization services? We can help, Wowbix is one of the best local SEO company in NJ, USA. That provides high-quality local search engine optimization services. If you’re not aware of its process or if you’re thinking “What is Local SEO?” In local search engine optimization, we only target one specific location such as Country or only that area in which you provide your services. You need local SEO only if you provide your services or sell products locally.

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Monthly Search Engine Optimization Cost

How much does SEO cost or how much should I expect to pay for it?

The cost of it depends on many factors such as the experience of the team/company, content strategies, amount of keywords, niche of your business, the difficulty of your keywords, your goals or desires etc. It is difficult to quote the perfect price without analyzing your website. There are hundreds of SEO marketing companies that offer SEO for very less amount. Don’t get yourself fooled by the low priced monthly SEO services which include black-hat and only black-hat SEO! But this is not the case with Wowbix, our only focus is to provide the best professional search engine optimization services and we want to be affordable for any size of the business. Thus, our basic package starts from just $350 for a static website & $500 for shopping store. The Basic search engine optimization monthly packages include:

professional search engine optimization services

Our basic SEO package includes:

  • 10-15 Keywords
  • Optimizing the Website
  • Blog Creation
  • Social Media Implementation
  • Article Submissions
  • High PR Backlinks
  • Monthly Reports
  • If you need custom packages, the cost can go anywhere from $350 to $3000 depending on your goals and needs.
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How long does SEO take?

You must complete all the SEO requirements in order to get listed on search engines. However, once your business has gone live, it takes an average of two weeks to get ranked within Google. It’s important to be here, as that’s the number one method your potential customers are going to be finding you. However, to get the desired keyword rankings it will take between 3-6 months.

Case Studies:

SEO ranking increase

Microwize is an EMR company based in NJ, USA. Wowbix helped the Microwize website to reach to the potential audience. The is now ranked for more than 1k keywords generating more than 5k traffic.

SEO Process: Infographics

1. Research & Planning Phase:

This phase involves creating an effective SEO marketing strategy for your company by doing a complete research including competition analysis, niche r, search and keyword research. This phase also includes website analysis, the website should be user-friendly to maximize the conversion rate. We’ll finalize the best keywords which will allow your website to reach to a maximum number of audience. The number of keywords depends on your package.

2. Action Phase:

This phase starts with the optimization of your websites, such as fixing the speed and other website technical errors. After fixing the technical errors, the best-selected keywords are implemented into your business website. Wowbix does On-page optimizations and Off-page optimizations such as creating new web pages or fixing the existing ones by adding & fixing the content. It might need to change the URL structure of the existing pages depending on the keywords. The blog and article creation and getting the backlinks from the high PR sources is very important which is involved in this phase. It also includes fixing/redoing the current design of your website(depending on the package & current conversion rate).

3. Monitoring Phase:

This phase involves tracking the backlinks, traffic, traffic sources, keyword positions, social media traffic, bounce rates, articles that are posted externally & much more… Wowbix will send you weekly or monthly customized reports depending on your requirements.

SEO Secret: The keywords in your URL’s can help with the rankings, for example: If you have a focus keyword “iPhone Prices” your URL should look like “”.

Monthly SEO Services Includes:


Regular Optimizations

Continuous keyword research and new high PR link development.

SEO in New Jersey

SEO Audit Reports

We will provide keyword rankings and Search engine optimization reports, weekly or monthly – depends on your package.

seo services nj

Higher Rankings

We guarantee high search engine rankings, only pay for what you get.

Search Engine Optimization Services

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