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landing page design serviceA good landing page works as a driving force to achieve fast as well as long-term business goals. It can help you drive desired traffic to your website, bring more sales, make people sign up and build long-term relationships with your paying customers. Many companies prefer having an eye-catching landing page to stand out. But if a landing page doesn’t work in terms of conversion despite all of its beauty. It can cost you a fortune. For ‘Pretty’ is not synonymous with ‘lucrative’. Conversion rate optimization is what you must focus on.

Usually, when people click on your ad’s link (or any other external link) on an online platform and arrive at your landing page. You have only 3-8 seconds to convince them. If your landing page doesn’t talk about what you claimed in the ad, has disturbing color schemes, illegible fonts, multiple confusing offers, too many CTAs, and a complicated layout, they will not stay even for half a second.

So, to make people do what you want them to (sign up, buy or anything), you need a simple, clear and convincing landing page design.

You need a landing page which addresses the pains of your customers and their solutions in a non-manipulative and beneficial way.

You need a landing page which is highly optimized to solve ONE problem. For focusing on more than 1 offer per landing page downgrades the conversion by 266%.

Finally, you need a landing page design that converts your prospects into leads; guides potentially paying customers further down the road and brings you money.

This is exactly what Wowbix strives to help our clients achieve

custom landing page design service

What Our Website Landing Page Design Services Entail?

Convincing Structure

We structure your landing pages so that they deliver the consistent message from source ad through the final call-to-action. By doing this, we help the visitors never lose track and stay focused on one thing you want them to do. Visitors have the smallest attention spans; we make sure that they find what they are looking for quickly without bouncing back.

Strategic Navigation

Unnecessary navigation on a website kills the whole marketing campaign. 84% of businesses don’t control the navigation on landing pages and end up losing revenue. We ensure the reduced navigation so that your prospects cannot find a way out until they are convinced to take the expected action.

SEO Friendly Landing Pages

We make sure that everything complies with basic SEO standards. We optimize written content, images, descriptions and tags to ensure the suitability of the website landing page design with the search engines’ ranking requirements.

Device Optimization & Loading Speed

Only 50% websites/landing pages are mobile optimized which is one of the major causes of the lost conversion. To reach the expectations of abundant mobile-using visitors, we design landing pages which are suitable for different screen sizes and load quickly.

User Experience

Good user experience is our main goal in the journey of making your website landing page successful. Avoiding clickable images, reducing navigation, syncing promises on source ad and customizing the layout according to your market enable us to provide unbeatable user-experience to your prospects.

A/B Testing

The more split testing you undertake, the more revenue you enjoy. Consistently regular A/B testing helps you gain more from one source when the other down-performs. Testing headlines, images, CTAs, typefaces, colors and sometimes fonts provide 300% better results than non-tested landing pages. We ensure that you receive results which cannot only be seen but can be measured in terms of clicks, traffic, and ROI.

Reminder: 52% of companies undertake split testing to optimize the conversion rate of a landing page while rests of the companies are still figuring out what is wrong with their campaign. Choose wisely!

If needed, we redesign your existing or previous landing pages as well.


How do we Design Conversion Oriented Landing Pages?

To provide you with enhanced revenue generating opportunities by designing conversion-oriented landing pages, we use a three-step process.


Every industry has its own trends and demands and every company wants to target different people at a different level of buyers’ journey. We do in-depth brand and industry research to understand your customers, their problems and their interests. We then optimize the landing page design accordingly in order to trigger the right emotions at the right time.


After research, we identify the length, structure, layout, portions, copy, colors and fonts of the landing page. We custom prepare the first draft strategically and seek your approval. If needed, necessary changes are made to improve user experience and to serve the purpose of your main marketing efforts.


We split test the landing page design and make suitable changes to optimize their performance for the respective audience. We also ensure that the tests are done using the right testing tools and software and you make maximum revenue out of it.


Why Choose Wowbix Landing Page Design Services?

  • Certified creative and dedicated designers
  • Digital marketing expert teams
  • Trendy premium tools access
  • Familiarity with market trends
  • Effective design consultations
  • Quick turnaround
  • Familiarity with visitors’ psychology and attention span
  • Tested methods to improve conversion
  • 99.9% Conversion optimized pages
  • 24/7 customer support

Wowbix is known for its creative, strategic and results-oriented landing page design services which are not only affordable but 100% converting. We design custom landing pages for both business structures; B2B and B2C. Attention to visitors’ intent, synchronization with your source ad, consistent written & visual message, clear CTAs, and proven testing methods differentiate our website landing page design services from others in the area.

We understand that the landing page for a gym needs the different length, structure and design than a landing page for a premium business coaching offer. Thus, we customize our designs according to your industry, business objectives you want to achieve and kind of traffic you are looking for.

The beauty of a landing page design might mean everything to you, but we make sure that your landing page doesn’t only look good but brings you significant ROI.

Wowbix keeps you in business.

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