Explainer Video Production Services

It’s the world of videos which is not only interesting to watch but also gives us a better vision of how things work. Ask yourself, would you like to spend hours on reading or a few minutes on watching videos? This is where animated explainer video production services come into play. Explainer videos are merely of 2-3 minutes and can be used to explain your anything from your ideas to your business model. They are created using 2d graphics or stock photos/videos, if you’re looking for your own explainer video, contact us now! If you want to learn more, keep browsing this page.

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Your Marketing Video, Your Choice:

Communicate with your target audience in the way you like; from simple to funkier, from sober to fun, from professional to humoristic. You will have full freedom of choosing the perfect style for your animated explainer video. Below are the FOUR main styles to choose from.

Whiteboard Animation

The whole concept is explained by drawing or writing on an animated whiteboard. Voice is synchronized as per the words and description. This style is perfect for diving a bit deeper into the process explanation such as How-To videos or video telling

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2D Animation

The 2d animation uses cartoon characters to make a video more lively. It gives a broad view of both characters and scenes simultaneously explaining all. It let the emotions burst out, they are appealing, attractive and also the most powerful tool to convert the viewer into buyer.

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In typography, only text is used to explain the ideas. Words are no doubt most powerful and moving words move the audience. It is a simple and straight forward manner to outline what a company does.
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Infographic is a mixture of information and graphic. This is an easy way of sketching out complex information with graphics, sound effects and apealing colors.
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Recently Completed Explainer Videos:

Benefits of our Animated Explainer Video Production:

If you’re looking to market your ideas, presentation, business or anything. Explainer video services should be the first thing to consider. Below are a few benefits of an explainer video:

1. Your pitch, your way: Videos have always more impact than anything else in the world. You can convert your visitors into buyers or at least engage them to follow you. The way you pitch your idea in a video makes all the difference.

2. Conversion rate: Goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds, this is how it works with your website visitors as well! Animated explainer video production has the ability to make people decide quickly about your business, resulting in conversions.

3. ROI: Spending money on explainers is quite worthy. Tell your story by investing $XXX and get a thousand of views. An effective animated video can convert those thousand views into leads.

4. Better results on search engines: The videos are taking charge of the first positions on Google, learn about SEO and get your videos on the Top of search engines.

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Case Studies

Below are a few case studies:

The Animated Video Skoot got more than 50k views, which helped the company in boosting the sales and online presence.

Microwize believes that they have increased their online visibility on search engines using explainer videos.

Why Hire Wowbix for Explainer Video Production Services?

Wowbix has created more than 100 videos so far and it knows how to explain complex concepts in easy to understand videos. Our animation video process is easy to follow and the price we charge is very less than any other explainer video production company. Few advantages of hiring Wowbix:

  • Pricing starts at only $500/minutes.
  • Variety of voice-overs artists.
  • Amazing, easy to follow content for your videos (Script & Storyboard).

Also, as a digital marketing company, we can help you in creating the best video marketing strategy once you’ll have your video. What are you waiting for? Call us at (646) 661-6797 to get your viral video produced ASAP.

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  • How much does an explainer video cost?

    We charge $500 for 30-60 seconds video. However, the cost depends on many other factors such as script, storyboard, voice over, work to be done, etc.

  • What happens when the 60 seconds exceed?

    If the duration of your video is more than 60 seconds, we’ll charge $250 for every 30 seconds or $500 for each exceeded minute.

  • How long does it take to make an animated explainer video?

    It can take anywhere from 15-20 days for one minute of video. The timeframe depends on the length and the cartoon illustrations required.

  • What things do you need from me to start on my animation project?

    We’ll need your logo, script, storyboard & any info that you would like to share.

Let’s sail on the same boat for the same destination.

Fill up the details below and one of our representative will contact you ASAP or Call us at: +1 646-661-6797.

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