How Much Does A Website Cost in 2018

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How much does it cost to build a website?
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If you’re starting a new business, the first step should be to get a website done for it. The website is the most important digital aspect for any business, it makes a huge difference when it comes to bringing in the profit, and creating awareness about your business. A website allows you to prove credibility and helps in creating better relationships with your customers. Hence, you will end up creating loyal customers, as well as increasing your customer base. Ask yourself, would you trust a business without a website? Moreover, your website should not be ugly looking, it must be creative and attractive for your business success.

How much does a website cost?

If you’re looking for the answers to how much does a website design cost or better yet, how much should it cost? Let me assume that you’re probably just starting your own small business. A large amount of capital may not be available to you yet. Or maybe you are a big company in the business world, and you’d like to stay in the competition. This is where the importance of owning a website for you will come into play. The website is way beyond than just offering necessary company information. It involves other facets such as SEO optimization that helps in capturing your leads. Let’s have a quick look at the website cost in 2018. The below estimated average pricing is gathered by digital marketing company – Wowbix.

Basic/Static Website

$0 – $250/month or $1000 – $2000

DIY or created by a professional developer.

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$2000 – $5000

Custom designed, based on CMS and includes more features, content, and pages.

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eCommerce Store

$5000 – $20,000

Online shopping store to sell products online.

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Cost Breakdown!

The cost to get a website designed depends on many factors, such as how many pages are required, design requirements, functionalities and how professional is your designer or agency etc. However, the complete and perfect quote can only be provided after the complete understanding of your requirements. The below cost break down is a great way to get an idea of how much your business or personal website will cost you.


Basic Website Cost:

Basic or Static website has fewer pages, about 5 pages and has less or no dynamic features. The static/basic website is best for small businesses. However, more pages can be added by asking your developer for the cost of adding single pages. According to Wowbix, the average price of a basic website starts from $1k or as little as $0-$250/month. Starting from $0/month is a DIY with WIX  or any other free creation tool.

How much does Wowbix charge for a basic website? It is just $1k-$2k one time cost for your basic business needs. We guarantee 100% strategical SEO design in our affordable basic package. Wowbix also gurantee that you will literally get more than what you have paid for. The Basic Package at Wowbix includes 5-10 pages, content writing, creative design, clean code and logo.


Custom Website Cost:

Custom (dynamic) websites have more features and they are based on your design & functionality requirements. They are mostly based on Content Management Systems mainly WordPress. The cost of a WordPress website is more than a simple static/HTML website. The power of WordPress allows you to add/change the content of the pages with just a few clicks without any knowledge of coding. Wowbix charge $2000 – $5000 depends on the complexity and features required.

The Custom (dynamic) websites are far better than the basic one in terms of usage and security. It also includes more pages, more content and a BLOG section. Custom website can save the monthly cost of hiring the developers for doing the little code tweaks. Admittedly, CMS based websites are really pricey in the market due to the features that it includes. For example, Atilus charge around $7,500 to $30,000 for a custom website. However, Wowbix offers a price that is much easy to afford for all type of businesses.


eCommerce Website Cost:

An eCommerce website is an online store which enables you to buy or sell products online. Whether you want to sell beauty products or you have an undergarments business. You can sell almost everything on your online website (unless it’s illegal). This type of website is based on a platform that supports online selling such as Shopify Store, WordPress wooCommerce etc.

The cost to build a Shopify Store again depends on your needs. The WordPress wooCommerce will be much cheaper than setting up a Shopify store from scratch. For a basic eCommerce website, our company charges only $5k. Again, it depends on the features required, quantity of the products, payment systems, security requirements etc. The cost of an eCommerce website can go to $20,000 as well, which is still a considerable rate as compared to the market price.

Cost for running your Website Alive

Just because you paid the initial price, does not mean that you are in the clear yet. No matter what business you are in, whether it’s healthcare, dental, real estate, or a restaurant business, you’ll have to pay the cost of running your website up on the internet. This includes cost of the hosting, domain, website maintenance, SEO etc.

There are other monthly services that you can use to grow your site on the internet. Some of the monthly services are SEO, content creation, on-site changes/fixes, security and CMS software & plugin updates etc. According to a research by WebpageFX team, the monthly website management can cost you anywhere from $100 to $1000 per month.

Regardless of the price, it is a worthwhile investment. A more effective design and regularly updated website is equal to more profit. Wowbix offers two packages for maintenance; monthly package and yearly package:

Monthly Website Maintenance Package:

To run it alive, to keep it fresh, to engage customers, and to make it grow big on the internet. You will need to buy a monthly website maintenance package which will cost you $250. The Basic Monthly Package includes:

  • SEO for 10 Keywords
  • 3 On-site changes
  • Regular plugin & CMS version updates
  • Email & call Support

Yearly Website Maintenance Package:

Same logic applies here, the price depends on the services rendered per year. According to the research by WebpageFX it can cost you around $15,000. But at Wowbix, we offer the same above package on yearly basis, which will cost you $2500/year.

Domain & Hosting Cost:

The domain name is where your site can be accessed, it should be your business name. For example, our domain name is and business name is Wowbix. Purchasing the right domain is essential for your business, it helps in SEO too. However, a website domain can cost you about $10-15/year.

The hosting is the server where your files/data reside. Your hosting must be fast enough to keep the load time of your site under 5 seconds. The web hosting cost depends on your needs and personal selection. The lowest one starts from $10/month.

Website Optimization & SEO Cost:

By now, maybe you’ve factored in the cost range that works for you and you are ready to start the project. However, before you take your next step, you should consider your on-page optimizations. Search Engine Optimization is imperative for increasing the visibility of your website. What exactly is SEO? It is basically the process of optimizing your website for search engines by placing your keywords in your content correctly. This hence increases the organic traffic to your business website through search results.

“People tend to click the top results because they appear more credible and trustworthy”, thus, SEO is the only thing you can use to rank your site higher on the search results. This process will increase the credibility of your business, and customer loyalty. You will need to find the best-qualified team to carry out such service. With an effective team behind your back, you can increase traffic to your site and boost your business at an affordable price. Wowbix offers professional SEO services starting at only $250/month.


The total amount you pay for your business or personal website differs depending on the designer/developer/agency and many other factors such as the type of the services you are looking for. If you’re looking to get a complete overhaul of your website than the cost of that will depend on the work required to get it into a new look. Same goes for making it responsive and mobile friendly. If it’s a personal website then it can cost you much cheaper than the professional business website. The Wowbix offer much more considerable and affordable prices, regardless of the type and complications involved. Wowbix offers professional web designing services according to your needs. If it is a simple or a basic one, it will be only $1500 on average. Wowbix also offers custom and eCommerce store development services, which will cost you only $5000, much more affordable than the market price.

Do share your thoughts about the pricing we have mentioned here, we would like to know your input as we are constantly looking to improve our pricing and services.

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