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web development servicesWowbix LLC is an innovative web development company based in New Jersey, USA. We delivers quality web development services. We don’t only promote your instincts but also give it a personalized touch that makes your product stand out among all. We believe that every business is different, thus we work on personalized strategies to give your business a boost. The ‘average’ standards are too over rated, get WOW touch on your product today.

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“Web development requires some hard skills & we have it all”

Process of Web Development

Looking for web development services and not sure how it works? At last your worries come to an end; we at Wowbix provide web development services and have jotted down the process for you. The web development is a simple word that extensively covers all the work involved developing a website. Wowbix provide web development services that will include:

web development services1. Project Evaluation & Planning

At first step, our team will develop understanding regarding projected audience, objectives and domain setup (if any). Initially the website needs to decide a group of people to be approached which most likely to get attracted towards your company.

web development services2. Web Design

At this step, we will start designing your website using the information we gathered in step 1 that will help us developing visual graphics respectively. For your review the initial layout will get uploaded on temporary server from where you can easily evaluate the design. The design can be continuously worked on until approved. Our website design company will take care of the logo design, colors and images as per requirements.

web development services3. Web Development

Once the design has been approved, our web development services will come in play, we will start adding the content we created for your business to your website design. Initially the web development will start with homepage where the right content, graphics and animations will be placed to keep it attractive. We will keep an eye and will take special care of website code (html, css) because it’s essential for website optimization and website speed. The website should be clean with codes and it should be optimized for tools like gtmetrix and google speed test to get ranked better on search engines. Most companies don’t care about the website speed, which can lead to bad rankings.

web development services4. Finalizing

Only after complete evaluation and satisfaction of the client with our provided web services, will there be finalization of the website. Giving it an artistic touch we’ll assure to grab the right audience for your business.

web development services5. Website Launch

Here comes the most crucial step, if you already have a running website and you are getting your website redesigned then the launch should be scheduled before 3-4 days so the traffic doesn’t get affected but if it’s an entirely new website, still it’s better to schedule before 2 days. We will take your domain and hosting information (if any) and will carefully upload the website on your hosting and domain. You can then post the news and press release on your social media account about the launch of the new website to increase leads.

web development company in usa6. Website Maintenance

After web design and web development services come to an end, the website maintenance will be required to keep the code and website optimized and to keep the website updated with new content, plugins, and graphics, also Search engine optimization is included in website maintenance. We will keep the website optimized for all the search engines and keep adding new content to the main pages and blog page we created, to keep it ranked on the first few pages of google etc.

web development company in usaContent is the main part of the website and there are possibilities that one who owns a website will need to update or manage the content or products of the website, everyone doesn’t have the knowledge of the html, after keeping all these things in mind, we recommended using CMS (Content management system) as it provides the ability to update the content anytime and it’s really easy to use and requires less or no knowledge of updating content. Among CMS (Content Management System) WordPress is one such open-source Content Management System which is technically based on PHP and MySQL. It is the most popular blogging system & we highly recommend it. Website development from scratch on WordPress requires high quality web development skills & don’t worry we have those skills. We can develop you awesome websites using WordPress. Also, we will make it easy for you to maintain and manage your content or products yourself. We will teach you the WordPress, if required. You will love the WordPress development services we provide.

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“Wowbix LLC is the fastest growing web development company in USA”

Why Choose Wowbix For Web Development Services?

If you’re looking in your checklist and come across a difficult task of “Website Development” to the top, you’re at the right place, our web development company provide top quality web development services. Although the market reveals a number of web developers who might interest you with their proposals yet only a handful of them can come right on your expectations. With rapidly expanding competition a company needs to have a few basic elements in order to survive and lead the corporate world, in which tops the idea of how you promote your company and brand image. Our web development company is growing in USA. Being one of the best is hard, and statistically speaking, the odds are stacked with you! We at Wowbix provide web development services and develop everything, from a simple and sober plain text page to complex designer website. Our team of experts has all the development tools to provide web development services and that make our team perfect in their work. With our web development services, you can gain online presence and can promote your business. Wowbix is not just a solution provider but your right hand. Also, you can drop all your burdens of how your website will look to our web design company.

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