Web Development Services

Are you looking for a web development agency? You’re at the right place! Wowbix is an award winning digital agency that provides top-quality web development services in USA. Expert developers at Wowbix can perform any type of development job, from creating a simple static website to a complex-ed one.

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Our Website Development Process

At Wowbix, we follow a simple step-by-step process for web development. Read out more below on the steps involved in our web development services.

1. Planning

Our team will try to develop an understanding regarding projected audience, objectives and domain setup. Initially, the website needs to decide a group of people to be approached which most likely to get attracted towards your company.

2. Designing

We will start designing your website using the information we gathered in planning phase. For your review, the initial layout will be uploaded to a temporary server. You will be asked to review the design of your upcoming website. The design can be continuously worked on until approved. Our expert graphic designers will take care of the colors, logo, and images as per the requirements.

3. Development

Once the design is approved, our web development skills will come into play. We will start adding content to your website. At first, the development will initiated from the homepage, with Lorem Ipsum content. Our web development experts also take care of the code and HTML tags and internal linkings to give you an advantage with Search Engine Rankings. In our web development services, we also test a website using tools like GTMetrix.com and Google Speed Test tool to make sure your speed is fast enough for a well user-experience. You know? No one would like to visit a slow loading speed, not even Google bots and crawlers.

4. Finalizing

Once a complete audit is performed and after 100% client satisfaction. We will get into the finalization of the website. Giving it an artistic touch, we’ll assure to grab the right audience for your business by optimizing permalinks, headings, images and videos into website.

5. Launch

Once everything is done, we’ll prepare for a website launch. If it is a re-design, launch should be scheduled before 3-4 days from launching. So no one (website traffic) gets affected. However, if it is an entirely a new website. It can be launched right away. We will need domain and hosting information (if you already have one) and will carefully upload the website on your domain. Posting a news or press release on your social accounts or press release sites is a great option to increase visibility. If you’re not even on social media platforms, luckily, we’re here to help!

6. Maintenance

After the completion of our web development services. Website maintenance will be required in-order to keep your site optimized and updated with new content, plugins, graphics etc. Btw, Wowbix offer 3 months FREE web maintenance support.

Web Development Services

Custom Web Development Services using CMS

WordPress web development servicesContent Management System (CMS) is a favorite trend in website development. If you’re using our website development services, our recommendation will be getting your site done using CMS mainly WordPress. You must have heard of this phrase “Content is King”, it is true. Your site must have the best and fresh content in order to keep your visitors and search engines engaged.

However, posting blog articles, service pages, and other important info on a site with the help of HTML is not a cup of tea for everyone. HTML is difficult to master while CMS (Content management system) requires no technical knowledge, reason why it becomes the most popular blogging system. Website development on WordPress requires high-quality skills, we can help here! Maintenance can be done in-house with CMS until big changes are required.

Wowbix can also develop you amazing websites or web applications using WordPress. We will also make it easy for you to manage/maintain your content or products. You will simply love our WordPress website development services.

Why Choose Wowbix for Web Development Services in USA?

web development servicesIf you’re looking in your checklist and come across a difficult task of getting a website for your business. You’re at the right place. Wowbix is an affordable and most expert agency in web development services in USA. Although, the market reveals a number of developers who might interest you with their proposals. Yet, only a handful of them can come right on your expectations.

With rapidly expanding competition a company needs to have a few basic elements in order to survive and lead the corporate world. In which tops the idea of how you promote your company and brand image. Our company is growing in USA just because we have recruited the best expert web developers.

Wowbix provides the best web development services in USA & can help you develop anything according to your needs, from a sober plain text page to a complex designer website. Our expert team has all the development tools to provide the best services.

With our affordable web development services in USA, you can gain online presence and can promote your business online. Wowbix is not just a solution provider but your right hand. Also, you can drop all your burdens of how your website will look to our web development company.

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