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As a leading digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of an interactive website design. Thus, we offer affordable and professional web design services. These services can be customized to match the cost of any size of a client from a small business to a multinational company. Contact us now and get the amazing pricing on your first project with us.

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Custom Website Design & Development

From Responsive Design to Custom Functionality, our Developers does it all!

Who doesn’t want an attractive, interactive and 100% responsive website? The good news is that Wowbix is not just another web design agency offering cheap services but it is a complete digital marketing solution provider. Wowbix has the best team of graphic designers that are ready to show their creativity on the design of your website. On the other hand, our talented developers are ready to implement any type of design into your website pages and making it responsive for all devices. Our developers are the most skillful who can create custom plugins and APIs to enhance the functionality of your website.

Our Services

⇒ Photoshop (PSD) Design
⇒ Making it Mobile & Tablet Optimized
⇒ Design from scratch
⇒ Website Re-Design
⇒ Custom Development
⇒ Fixing Code/Functionality
⇒ HTML/CSS Development
Content Management (WordPress / Drupal etc.)
eCommerce Website Development
⇒ Lifetime Support
⇒ & Much More…

professional web design services

Professional Web Designs that are SEO Optimized

Professional Websites with the Power to Dominate the Search Engines!

Make sure that your website is following all the best practices and standards. As an experienced & professional web design firm, we make sure that your website is well optimized with the best practices. Our developers will start with a basic structure/sketch. The first thing where we will start developing your website is the Sitemap, to make sure that it follows the best SEO recommendations. The structure of the website must be SEO compatible in order to rank the web pages on the first page of Google. With the help of our Search Engine Optimization team, Wowbix expert website developers will be creating the best internal linking and sitemap structure for you. Most of the firms out there don’t follow the SEO recommendations and this could be the major reason for your website to fall behind.


The second main practice is that your website has to be user-friendly and the content on the top of it has to be mind-picked. Nobody is going to read over the dull paragraphs and no one would like to visit complicated websites. You can get on top of Google if your website has amazing articles and if it is engaging for your users. What does it mean by the user-friendly and interactive website? Ever wonder Google without image tab or internet without animation and images? The answer is NO and this is exactly the case with the web designing too. Various types of graphics, cartoons, typography, and backgrounds are responsible for an interactive website.


Fortunately, our web agency offers complete interactive and professional SEO optimized website services, and this is what makes us different from others.

“Visitor spends only a couple of seconds to decide if they are going to read or leave.”


Why Hire Wowbix?

Wowbix is a local digital marketing company in NJ that offers professional web design services both internationally & locally. No matter if you’re an international startup or a multi-billionaire business, we’ll treat you in the most friendly way. Our company’s mission is to WOW our clients with our work and secure long-term relationships. Thus, we’ll always be looking to offer discounts and customize our packages according to your budget.  We can even make you a cheap website without compromising on quality but the more you’ll spend the better you’ll get. If you’re looking for the best web design company near NJ. Just call us at our Toll-Free Number: (844) 387-7370. For the clients outside the USA, please call at: +1 (646) 661-6797. Working with Wowbix is seamless and interesting because when the projects are delivered, people could only manage to say. WOW! This is the most professional website design company ever.

What makes us different:

  • Offers affordable website contracts & packages that include support and monthly website management.
  • Follow the US website design standards, latest trends, and the best web practices.
  • Create websites with Top Quality Graphics and High-Quality Content.
  • Our experts use Innovate ideas & create unique designs.
  • Communication is the key, thus, we’re 100% responsive and will promise to reply within few hours.


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