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Looking for an Internet Marketing Company to help you out with all of your digital marketing needs? Good news! The below list will be your best guide in choosing the right one for your small to medium sized business marketing needs.

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This list contains TOP 6 Internet Marketing Companies that offer their services in Minneapolis, Minnesota and nearby areas. We have selected these top companies according to the following criteria:


  • Location
  • Reviews
  • Pricing
  • Website Design
  • Work Experience
  • Year Established


Note: This list is just to help you navigate through the top companies, however, we don’t take any guarantee of their services. You’re highly recommended to conduct your own research before hiring any of them.


Wowbix is a leading digital marketing agency in the USA, based in Paramus, New Jersey. Wowbix has grown to 20+ clients from Los Angeles in the last couple of years. Wowbix was also awarded the “Top 10 Local Marketing Agency” by Upcity due to the quality of its services. If you’re a small to medium-sized business, this company is where you should look at.

Phone: (646) 661-6797


Kobe Digital

Kobe Digital is a well-known digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, California. It was ranked as the top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies by Upcity and it continues to work with small-to-medium sized businesses.

Phone: (310) 870-3268


Directive Consulting

Directive Consulting is a multi-location agency operating in Los Angeles, New York, Orange County and even in London, UK. Directive Consulting has a great clientele from all over the world. However, if you’re a small-medium sized business with a though budget, you should look for some other agency. Period.

Phone: (949) 214-4024



Thrive Agency is a well-known Full-Service Internet Marketing Provider. Thrive Agency was established in 2005 and has made a great name in the local market. Again, if you’re on a tight budget, you might need to take consultation with Thrive to check out if it comes under your budget Radar.

Phone: (201) 660-5565


Track Media

Track Media has a nice track record of working with the local and international clients. However, if you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization Services, you might need to look for some other company.

Phone: (310) 620-1141



With rapidly increasing competition, there are only a few agencies whom we can recall by their names. Influx Marketing Agency is one of them! It is located in Pasadena, California, but last time we checked, this company was providing the best of his services to all over California including Los Angeles.

Phone: (626) 714-3366


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