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how to build a brand

The term “brand” is usually tossed around frequently, but very few people really know what a brand is. Most people are aware that all businesses require branding; however, very few are actually aware of what it actually entails. In this article, I’ll start by explaining what a brand is & how you can build your own brand.

What Exactly is a “Brand”?

A brand is what sets you apart from similar businesses in the industry. A brand is not only your business name and logo; it is also, what most people think of your business when they interact with it. Creating a brand is essential for the benefit of securing potential customers and increasing your revenue and name in the market. A customer should be able to understand your brand at first instance.

Brand Building Tips:

1. Positioning & Identifying your Brand

This step involves a lot of planning, it is the basis of the entire branding decision. Wrong steps at this stage might prove to be detrimental to the brand building process. You will need to answer the following questions at this stage:

  • Whom do you want to appeal to (your target audience)?
  • How do you plan to reach out to your target audience?

Research the above questions on your favorite search engine and search your competitions before starting with the brand building process. By COMPETITIONS we meant; The established companies that are already in the market.

Meeting a person at first instance leaves a lasting first impression; the same thing applies to a business. A good brand should be able to interact positively with its consumers within the first few seconds. This interaction will leave a lasting identity to the customers and is what will determine if they want to keep interacting with your business.

The brand identity should have a close relation to your niche, product or services. Defining your brand entails business name, visual identity, advertising content, and marketing strategies, among other components. That are visible to the public.

This step feeds into the physical and public aspect of the company. Make choices that will not only allow consumers to distinguish your brand from other similar ones in the industry. But also speak to communicate clearly to the consumers.

how to design a brand

2. Design of Your Brand

The visual identity can make your brand stand out from your competitors. This includes your logo, business cards, web design & other marketing collaterals.

Design psychology can be your best guide in choosing the right colors & fonts for your business, putting your business on top of your competitors.

building a brand personality

3. Personality of Your Brand

It is now evident that choosing a brand requires one to visualize the brand as a person. This will help you know how to distinguish the personality of your brand. Knowing the personality of your brand will enable your interaction with consumers. As it will either forge strong negative, positive or emotional associations.

Answer the following questions as you discover your brand personality:

  • If Your Brand was a real person: How would it talk? How would it think, communicate and affect the people who associate with it?

As you discover your brand’s personality, analyze the tone of the business industry, the personal choice of your competitors, and the attributes you would want your brand to manifest as it interacts with its customers. These attributes should be clearly communicated at first glance. And it would be in your interest to work to set yourself apart from the other brands in the industry

4. Consistency & Friendliness of Your Brand

After creating a brand, it is really important to engage with your audience as it will help you grow in the long term. Try posting new updates and articles on your social media accounts and ask your customers to give reviews.

Bonus Tip:

Animated Videos helps in being consistent and engaging on social accounts. Conveying brand’s message in a fun & entertaining way. And increasing your ROI.

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Shehryar Aziz
Shehryar Aziz

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