Small Business Marketing Services

Wowbix is a small business marketing company which introduces you with the business progress you need to survive with the money you already have

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Targeted Reach – Brand Awareness – Better Ranking – Loyal Customers

Small Business Marketing Solutions

You might ask yourself why you should invest in small business marketing services at all.

The answer is, almost 98% of your customers use the internet. They search for the solutions online and they scroll down their social media timelines all day long.

If you’re trying to sell your products/services to this internet addicted generation through print advertisement or traditional marketing, I’m sorry; they are too busy loving your competitor’s dope marketing video on Facebook.

When you launch a start-up, you have a low budget and you want visibility and brand recognition which predicts the scale of your future sales.

If you’re a small business owner, you want to target very specific population for your marketing to keep going.

You’re usually afraid to spend even a single extra penny on an unnecessary thing. You think your product is so good that it is just a matter of time when customers realize it and rush to buy.

But in 2018, this seems impossible if you don’t adapt to your customers’ interests.

93% of internet users find products and services on search engines like Google. 47% of these users are likely to buy from first three sellers on search engine result pages (SERPs).

More than 2 billion people use social media per day and make countless purchases.

You can imagine how many customers you can lose every day if you don’t keep up with the growing trends of marketing for your start-up or small business.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Services Can Increase ROI for your Small Business by more than 30%

  • SEO ranks your website higher on SERPs and brings visibility, significant ROI, relevant traffic and convertible leads to your doorsteps
  • SMM delivers your message specifically where your customers hang out online
  • PPC and other ads help you gain the quick attention of your customers with less investment
  • Mobile optimization and killer content make your customers love you and find you everywhere

As a small business marketing agency, Wowbix takes pride in offering exclusive conversion-oriented CUSTOM marketing services & solutions for SMB’s & start-ups.

We help you keep your budget intact; receive results you won’t have to worry about for years and credibility that will make your brand popular.

What do we offer in our CUSTOM Small Business Marketing Packages?

We have customized our regular internet marketing service pricing to match the budget of small businesses & start-ups. Certainly, the prices have been reduced by almost 25-50% of the original cost of these services.

You get visibility, sales and loyal customers who stick to pay you for longer in return.

SEO – $350 / Month

SEO increases your conversion rate by 14.6%. We offer Search Engine Optimization Services for small businesses and start-ups no matter if they want to target the local population or want to grow in the global market.

We use safe and legal SEO methods in order to ensure that you don’t lose your ranking and quality of traffic due to the ongoing changes in search engine algorithms in the future.

$350 – Month

Social Media Marketing – $350 / Month

If you have a consistent and quality social media presence and customer support, 71% of your customers are likely to recommend your services in their social circles. We use state-of-art methods and updated premium tools to run highly targeted social media marketing campaigns for you. We manage your profiles and provide your customers with 24/7 support.

$350 – Month

Content Marketing – $50

When you have only 3-8 seconds to impress your customers after they land on your website, compelling website content is something that saves you. We have highly qualified writers in our team who make it sure that your website content complies with your customers’ interests as well as with search engine’s cruel demands.

$50 – Article

PPC – $300 / Month

When investing 50% less in PPC can double your chances of securing better revenue, why to invest more in traditional marketing? Our creative and professional teams carry out in-depth research and launch well-maintained PPC campaigns for your brand that never lose a single opportunity to bring you a lead.

$300 – Month

Web Design – $900

A quick loading and attractive website which offers phenomenal user experience is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. We design and develop such custom websites for small businesses no matter if it is for e-commerce purpose or a business website. We work with your limited budget and ensure that your customers get obsessed with your message.

$900 – Website

Graphics Design – $35 / Hour

Graphic design services includes branding-identity, logo design, brochure design, marketing collateral etc. For small businesses, we have set our pricing to an affordable $35 hour.

$35 – Hour

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Why do we have more than 100 Small Businesses in our Client List?

Market Familiarity

We understand the unique digital marketing requirements of start-ups and small businesses to stand out in the crazy competition out there. We also realize that marketing techniques used for large-scale ventures cannot work for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s). Identification of the difference in the scale and set-up of both markets helps us serve you better.

Experience with Similar Clients

Within 3 years of official launching Wowbix, we have become the long-term partners with multiple start-ups and small businesses globally.

Our knowledge of local industries and experience of working for similar ventures has equipped us with relevant skills and ability to provide you with measurable digital results.

24/7 Customer Support

Digital marketing provides you with quick results in the form of clicks, traffic, engagement and a plethora of sales (ROI). Though, the process of setting up the campaigns takes time. We ensure that you stay updated about our every single move and every penny spent on your account. In case you have quick questions about your project, our teams are available round the clock to help you.

Your Money is Safe

As a small business owner, we understand your cash flow and budget problems. We make it sure that every penny spent pays back significantly.

Customizable Packages

We offer customizable packages in our small business marketing services & solutions, so you don’t get lost in things you don’t require at the moment. You can create your own package and our team will provide you with an affordable quote.

When we launched Wowbix, things weren’t easy but we have been recently awarded the title of one of the best digital marketing companies by Upcity. If we can reach here, why can’t you?

Wowbix helps you thrive.

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