Affordable SEO Services for Small Business Owners

At Wowbix, we offer highly structured, effective and affordable SEO services for small businesses and start-ups, starting at just $250! Through the use of digital marketing strategies and the continual competitor analysis, we are able to help you grow. Contact us now and let us help you grow your business!

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Why do you need SEO services for your Small Business or Start-up?

Ever wondered how businesses maintain an unrivaled online presence? How do certain businesses, be it large or small, experience a high level of engagement? How does their website always rank at the in the organic search results, yet yours doesn’t?

Few things separate a small business from a large one. However, the one major factor is effective and comprehensive marketing solutions that increase performance, boost online visibility and drive measurable results. Successful and growing companies always have a strategic partner in the background: an SEO company.

Admittedly, large corporations implement and adhere to different search engine optimization strategies that help them remain abreast of the competition. Such services are what ensure that their business can easily be found online.

Small Business SEO Packages that are Affordable

Our SEO services for small businesses are specifically designed for better rankings in low budget. Wowbix guarantee 100% success at an affordable price. Price for our small business SEO services usually starts at $250 only. Seamlessly shifting our perspective to that of our clients, we are able to remain, customer-focused and result-driven.

If you’ve been considering outsourcing small business search engine optimization services, you’ve come to the right place.

Our SEO services are specifically designed to optimize your website and make it easier for internet users to find you. Website and content optimization call for high-level of SEO expertise and attention to details that will lead to increased traffic and sales. Backed by our sophisticated and highly professional team, we are highly recognized as the top small business SEO Company.

Most Promising & Result-Driven SEO!

At Wowbix, we love to deliver original/white-hat/result-driven/customer-loved/ projects. It can take anywhere from 3-6months for your website to start generating traffic.


If Wowbix will fail to deliver any of the below promises, You will get 50% amount back.

First Promise:
Wowbix promise that small business SEO clients will notice organic traffic increase by at least 40% in 3-4 months.

Second Promise:
At the end of the 6th month, you will notice the organic traffic increase by up to 100% from the starting date of the project.

Do you want a guaranteed 200% increase in organic traffic?

If you’re a big corporation, Good new!  In enterprise SEO, Wowbix promises more than 200% organic traffic.


Case Studies for Small Business SEO

Download the linked reports below to find out the 6months traffic generation case studies.

Printer Repair NJ

Printer Repair Service

Niche Research, Website Optimization & Local Listings

Search engine optimization often involves the use and implementation of certain keywords during content creation. These keywords, and of course, the quality and structure of the content make a huge difference when it comes to online search ranking.

To ensure that you can rival even the big corporations, we take into consideration your website design, local SEO and so forth.

Analyzing competition & creating better strategies

If your competitors are getting more traffic and better engagement than you are, they are obviously doing something right. Such businesses always pay attention to the changing trends and necessary keywords that will increase their online visibility.

We analyze your competitors and evaluate their digital marketing strategies. We also analyze and collect information on the changing trends in the online world, to help boost your performance.

Only Organic and White-hat SEO which Google Loves

Needless to say, white-hat SEO is not something that is offered by most SEO companies. Hence, it sets us apart from every other company that offers affordable SEO services for small businesses. Google loves natural backlinks and amazing content and it is something that Wowbix loves to focus on.

Organic and white-hat SEO means that the performance of your website and business will not be affected by any algorithm update. Permanent and organic SEO strategies can also save you from all type of Google penalties, that does happen every day.

Start showing up on Google from this month!

Call us today, and allow us to make your site a traffic and lead generation machine.

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