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Responsive web design has a competitive edge in the current saturated market, thus, make sure that your website is able to automatically adapt to the screen of the device used to access it.

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What is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive website automatically adapts to the screen of the device used to access it. Be it a desktop or a smartphone, a responsive design will ensure that the layout of your website remains unaffected. Everything from photos, texts and videos instantly reformat and resize to fit the device that the person is using. This makes it easy to use and navigate and increase user experience and satisfaction.

Responsive Website Design

Why Hire Wowbix for Responsive Web Design Services?

With our extensively trained and high-qualified team of developers, we are able to provide top quality and unrivaled mobile websites. We not only build and design mobile-friendly websites from scratch but also change existing websites into a responsive one. We offer our services to a global market, That is, if you’re looking for responsive services look no further than Wowbix – Digital Marketing Company.


We also recommend that you should check for the analytics on how many people access you from smartphones and other devices, as compared to desktop or laptop. This will help determine the importance of your website to be mobile-friendly.


With our cost-effective responsive design & development services, you will be able to experience higher conversion rates. Customers will find it easier to access you. This, in turn, will automatically translate to an increase in customer reach and retention.

Why should I use Responsive Design?

In conclusion, responsive design is what will allow easy access and navigation of website from whichever device. Of course, the easier it is to access your website, the more likely your audience will grow. The internet coupled with a technologically driven world has changed customer interaction and expectation. It is up to us to meet those expectations.

Shift from Desktop to Smartphones & Tablets

With the introduction of smartphones, a consequential shift in device usage was experienced worldwide. A limited number of individuals rely on their desktops and laptops to access the internet and its resources. A report by Ofcom revealed that 33% of internet users in the year 2014 used their smartphones to access the internet.


A recent report by Statista states that the year 2016 accounted for 2.1 billion users. They continue to state that the globally mobile population reflected 3.7 billion users, a significant increase from the year 2016. The statistics clearly reflect the dramatic shift in online usage and behavior. This means that more and more people now access the internet and other online resources using smartphones and tablets. Hence, increasing the importance of a responsive web design.

Higher Rankings on Search Engines

‘Mobile first index’ is the newest approach which search engines use in terms of ranking websites. In conclusion, only the web pages that are ready for mobiles will get better rankings in 2018 making it one of the most important requirements of search engine optimization.

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