As a well reputed social media agency, we have lots of Facebook pages to handle, we upload images on Facebook pages almost every day. This solution is not only for Facebook Business Pages, you can also try this with your display & cover photos.

Facebook changed it policies about 4 months ago. After the update was launched, suddenly the quality of images we were trying to post got very low as Facebook was compressing the images. We tried to find the solution and after googling we got to know that this is the recent update of Facebook which is causing low-quality issues, we also found lots of blogs and articles to solve this issue but none of them helped us and we can bet that this is the only solution available on google or anywhere which we’re going to share with you today.

Some of the Solution we tried with 0% results:

  1. Try Posting .jpg/.png image only (I find this hilarious solution on google, well even a 6-year-old baby knows that the image we are going to post will be either .jpg or .png)
  2. Facebook Suggest:
    Upload high quality images on facebook by facebook
    Try to reduce the size of the image and post images less than 100kb!! Well that make sense as the Facebook is going to compress your images anyways why not you do it yourself and give the Facebook already compressed image? Okay great! but when we tried to post the image which was already less than 100kb, two things happened.
    1. When we compressed the image to make it less than 100kb, we lost the image quality by 20%-30%.
    2. When we tried to post the image on Facebook, Facebook compressed our already compressed image and made it 32kb. It can’t be any worse.
    3. We tried to resize the image but nothing worked out from the Facebook suggestions.
  3. Some articles suggest – Separate hosting to share photos without ever touching Facebook’s servers, for example, post the image on imgur and then post that link to the Facebook. We tried this and this what happened to us:
    Facebook image quality is worst
    The image quality was excellent, Voila!! We thought that there is no more need for tweaking. But wait!! Look at the image closely. It says – shared a link. Also the link is visible at the bottom left of the post. Not just this, when we tried to click on the image this takes us to imgur link.
    facebook image quality is very bad
    Seriously? Do we really need to give imgur a back link from our Business Page? No we don’t. We want to increase the post interaction and want the users to start conversation on the post. When they click on the image they should be able to read the comments and post comments on this image.

After a lot of searching, we finally got to know that every answer cannot be found on google at least for now. We started tweaking the images our self & found this Solution. Now we want to share this Solution with you guys.



We will be explaining from scratch. You will need Photoshop for this solution to work.

  1. Open Photoshop.
    Photoshop for high quality images
  2. Drag the image to the Photoshop. Or click on File Menu – Open As – Select the image you want to Post on Facebook.
  3. Go to File menu – Click on Save for web & devices or press Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S
  4. Click on Preset option and select PNG-24.
  5. Make sure you have all these options selected under Preset – PNG 24.
    You don’t have to worry about the image sizes, just make sure they are not very high, we really don’t need any image more than 2000px for facebook!
    Click on done.
  6. Save the images by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+S or File menu – Save as, Format should be .PNG. save-images-for-high-quality
  7. Done now post this image on your Facebook Business Page.
    No Solution is good without demo preview.
    Result: Wowbix is bringing the designs back

Let me know if this Solution worked for you. If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to comment.

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