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Healthcare Evolving with Medical Practice Marketing

Everyone is creating social media accounts for everything, whether it is a foodie’s journey of eating their way through Europe, updates on their cat or for marketing. Do you want to give your health care clinic some exposure? Do you want to know more about medical practice marketing? You’re not the only one thinking this way. The American Academy of Family Physicians & healthcare marketing agency in NJ conducted a study which found that over 70% of primary care physicians and oncologists use social media at least once per month to browse or distribute health information. Learning how to effectively use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can provide free or low-cost marketing and it can be beneficial for medical practice marketing, reach more people with your mission.

What makes social media such an attractive vehicle to market? It is free or low-cost marketing that is user-friendly. The likelihood of potential clients or followers that will visit your practice’s website is greater. Rounding up followers online boosts your exposure, increasing the chances for your posts to trend through news feeds. In a smartphone age where most of the day is centered on electronic communication, people might miss your outside ads in the paper or local grocer because their noises are too far into their blue screens. Let’s start with medical practice marketing tips.


Tips for effective Medical Practice Marketing?


Tip # 1. Identify your goals

First, determine which social media outlet is the best for your medical practice marketing. It will depend on your ideal patient. Are you a pediatrician, oncologist, gynecologist, or maybe a primary care physician? Focus on who your ideal patient would be. For example, a gynecologist would market towards women, pregnant women, and new moms. Do some research on your own to see which outlets are best to reach your ideal patient through social medical marketing practice. Once you determine where your target audience can be best reached, start building a community. What you want to achieve through your social media experience will determine this. Are you hoping to primarily attract clients or provide health information? If it’s just about website – medical practice marketing, you can get high-quality back-links on your health care website through social media.


Tip # 2. Post Timely, Relevant Content

For your medical practice marketing, it is important to Keep your stream of content organized and professional this will encourage social media users to follow you which can be beneficial for your practice. Informing followers of monthly or weekly updates going on at your medical practice like events or closings should be concise and straightforward. Do not feel as if you need to post every detail about the event or upcoming snowstorm. Also, keep an eye on the news for imminent medical findings that are important in your field and share them with your community of followers.


Tip # 3. Only Post high-quality Images

For your medical practice marketing, it is very important to post high-quality images on your social media accounts. However, it is not an easy task to post high-quality image on Facebook because any image that will be posted on a Facebook page will get compressed by their server which will make it of a very low quality! If you want to post high-quality images on Facebook read this quick tutorial with how to do images: How to post high-quality images on Facebook.


Tip # 4. Be Professional, Yet Approachable

The tone and word choice you select when posting for your medical practice can either offend someone or engage them in reading more. You can completely confuse a reader or educate them on a new vaccine. Remember to apply the same bedside manner you use with your patients at your medical practice marketing when you type up your postings.


Tip # 5. Avoid Oversharing

These points are considered as poor marketing, Always try to avoid them: Don’t share patient information; Keep patient information to yourself only. Be careful to avoid HIPAA violations. It is best to refrain from sharing personal content including photos of patients and contacting patients inappropriately through social media or posting information with potential patient identifiers.


Tip # 6. Your medical website is your clinic, It should be attractive & updated

Your website is the most important aspect of medical practice marketing. Which means that you cannot and you shouldn’t compromise on your website! 

Double check following points:

Responsiveness; make sure your website is responsive on every device.

Content; You have unique and catchy content on your pages.

Website design; the design is user-friendly and awesome.

Seems like a lot of work to do? We have heard of many companies which have failed with DIY web design. Your website is your shop/clinic and it should be handled with care and professionalism. Find out how our web designing services can be useful for you to overcome these issues, affordable prices. 


Tip # 7. Boost your medical marketing exposure with Animated explainer videos

Case studies conducted by our animation team found that animated explainer videos are most likely to boost businesses by 3X times and it also helps with the SEO of your website and online presence. So it can be most beneficial for your medical practice marketing.

If you need any help with your medical clinic or health care marketing, just comment below and we will try to answer all the queries.

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