Logo Design & Branding Services in NJ

Branding starts with the logo design & your logo must be unique, creative and eye-catching. Wowbix offers custom logo designs in our branding services. The logo is the identity of your business, thus, make sure the design of your logo is the perfect and the most appealing in the world.

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Our Branding Process

At Wowbix, we understand that every business is different, the main advantage we have over other companies is that we have worked with hundreds of businesses with different niches. This makes us the most professional logo designing company in NJ. Our Logo Design process is simple:

Step #1: Understanding the business

The first step is the most crucial part, it takes time and a lot of resources to understand the business and client expectations, but we’re perfect at this.


Step #2: Sketching the logo

We make beautiful logo sketches, however, this is replaceable with the step #4. The sketches sometimes are not enough for understanding the feel of the logo, so we offer logo design in colored graphics format for visual feel.


Step #3: Client Approval

The initial designs are emailed to the client for the approvals. We send about 3-5 beautifully custom designed logos to choose from.


Step #4: Turn sketches into graphics

The final delivery of the logo is emailed in every useful format: Vector, PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF etc.


Step #5: Make Logo the Brand Identity

The branding starts with the logo design, we make sure that the brand matches the design of the new logo. Your website, promotional material, social media accounts, all of these things must match the colors & design of your logo.

Logo is the heart of your Brand

Wowbix believes that the Logo is the heart of any business. A logo can transform a small business into a big brand.  Whether you’re looking for a new logo or you want it to be redesigned, the designers in our company will make sure that it is the most amazing and creative one. Our logo design and branding services can help your business stand-out from the competition.

We are recognized as a Top 25 Enterprise Logo Design & Branding Agency on DesignRush

Contact us now for the best branding services at: +(646) 661-6797 

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Benefits of Logo Design in Branding

An amazing logo can help you transform your business into a big brand, read more:

Business Growth

An attractive logo can help you catch new clients, turning them into buyers and make your business grow. The graphic designers at Wowbix can help your business grow through the best logo design services.


Business Re-Growth

If you’re not making sells or your business is able to convert the viewers into buyers, then there is something wrong. The first thing that you should inspect is the logo. It has been proven that changing something as simple as your logo can increase the sells and growth. The logo designer in our company can re-audit your brand & help you in redesigning your logo and brand identity.


Business Upgrade

Even Instagram and Snapchat upgrade their logo and design few times a month. By doing just a few design tweaks you can help your business to compete in this competitive world. Our designers can help your business to look fresh

Get the most professional logo designed for your brand.

Fill up the details below and one of our representatives will contact you ASAP or Call us at: +1 646-661-6797.

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