Facebook Marketing Services

Wowbix is a Facebook marketing company which powers-up the Facebook presence of small to medium-sized businesses. We send your fans timely updates, analyze insights to improve performance and talk to your customers who want quick customer support. By keeping everything strategic and well-planned, we ensure the growth of your bottom line.

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Methodological and Systematic Facebook Marketing that Works with Authenticity and Focuses entirely on Making you more $$$

Social Media Marketing Services Agency1.18 billion daily-users spend more than 50 minutes a day on Facebook.

Facebook video marketing is wrestling with Youtube at 1:2 as Youtube has half a billion fewer users and Facebook users watch 100M hours of videos every day.

Facebook has a CPM lower than any other social platform and it gives you an opportunity to reach the right people through custom audience selection.

Still, only 45% of marketers believe that Facebook is an invest-able marketing channel.

Don’t be one of them.

If you’re planning to grow your business like a rapid-fire in the coming years, Facebook marketing is your cost-effective and long-lasting chance.

Facebook Marketing Services that Help You Create Loyal Fans, Boost Up Your Reach and Grow the Value of Your Business

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Content Strategy

Our process starts from creating or re-polishing your facebook page. After optimizing your business description, tabs and CTA, we enter into the strategy. We study your target audience and figure out what interests them. In addition to that, we also analyze what kind of content is popular on Facebook such as images, videos, polls, Facebook lives or instant articles and plan our roadmap around it.

Facebook Content Creation & Scheduling

To help you save time and hassle, we create unique and engaging content. Figuring out from our research and result analysis, we post the content when your target audience is more likely to be active to enhance engagement. Our creative social media copywriters and content creators make it sure that your content gets maximum reactions and is shared widely across the channel.

Twitter Marketing Services

Instagram Marketing Services

Page Likes and Engagement

Wowbix is a Facebook marketing company that believes in originality. We don’t increase your page-likes by purchasing spammy offers. Our content is our power and we strategically promote it to your high target audience. It is ensured that every person that clicks the ‘like’ button is related to your brand and has a potential to engage with you in future.

Result Tracking

Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook content creation, and scheduling are completely contingent upon the Audience Insights provided by Facebook. We take a deep dive into insights and analyze what kind of content your audience is engaging with the most and at what time. By keeping the data in sight, we improve your marketing strategy and content calendars accordingly.

Pinterest Marketing Services

Linkedin Marketing Services

Facebook Advertisement

To promote your business through your website or online store, we run PPC ads that bring qualified and convertible leads. By targeting people with relevant interests, demographics, and psychographics, our Facebook ads always bring significant and measurable ROI. We make it sure that your sales increase and your products and services get the visibility and popularity they deserve.

What’s More in Our Facebook Marketing Services?

Let Wowbix Help You Revolutionize your long-term business strategy with Effective and result-yielding Facebook Marketing Services. We use updated tools, technology and tactics. Our every step is complied with Facebook policies and centered on your bottom line growth.

  • Better Search Engine Ranking
  • Abundant Relevant Traffic to Your Website
  • Work with Professionals
  • Complete Exposure to Marketing Campaigns
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Weekly or Biweekly Reporting
  • Affordable Services


Work with Wowbix to increase your brand visibility, social engagement and direct revenue.

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