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social media marketing tips 2017
What is Social Media Marketing?

Using social media platforms to market your business, product or service is referred to as Social media marketing.

Why is Social Media Marketing important in 2017?

These days, people own at least one social media account. According to Pew Research, “65% of adults now use social networking sites – a nearly tenfold jump in the past decade” (2015). So the Social Media is often the first source in 2017 which people consider when seeking local products or services, so it is crucial for your business social media marketing strategies to function.

Is Social Media Marketing doable?

Social media marketing can be tough to tackle for any business, yet especially for the smaller ones; that can’t manage to hire a team for social media marketing services. Truly taking advantage of social media requires time, effort, and an understanding of the platforms. But YES, it is doable for any size of the business, if done in the right way.

So, What is the right way to do the social media marketing? Yet how do you know if your social media marketing campaign is successful? How do you change that may not be working without sacrificing what clients want to see?

Well, in this article! We have tried to answer all the above questions with our 8 Best Social Media Marketing Tips in 2017, which any business can adapt to boost the engagement.

8 Best Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement in 2017

Tip # 1: Analyze Your Assets 

Before starting any type of marketing whether online or offline, you should know the answers to these questions!

Q1. what makes your business different from others?

Q2. Who are your target customers?

Q3. What are your objectives and goals?

Q4. What are your competitors?

Open a notepad on your computer or take a pen and write the answers for the above question and make an effort to gather as much insight as possible from not merely your followers but also from followers of your competition! You should keep an eye on your competitor’s social media accounts until or unless you get ahead of them.  Also, keep an eye on the customers who made a one-time purchase from you, ask them to give you a review on your social media account. The reviews on the social media can play an important role in mouth-of-word and they are also important in letting you know, how you can improve your product.

Tip # 2. Use Demographics to Drive Quality Customers

If you want your business to be succeeded, you should keep an eye on the demographics! If you’re sponsoring any of your post on social media make sure that the targeted location is set correctly. If your business in the USA you would surely not like to spend your money on the social media users from India unless you offer services worldwide. This doesn’t mean that you should start ignoring the users from all other countries, your content needs to be engaging and be of good quality that almost all clients will have interest in one type or another.

Statistics coming from YouTube show a high number оf highly engaged visitors. This iѕ because YouTube centers on videos, which are visually and audibly engaging. Additionally, YouTube is the most popular social media network since it can reach such a wide demographic foundation. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, YouTube doesn’t restrict access to age requirements and other limitations. Here is another tip in a tip, use animated explainer videos to promote your business online.

Tip # 3. Plan Your Content Ahead

Develop a plan for writing and publication of content so you do not get lost in the view every morning. Just set up a content calendar so that you are not scrambling to figure out what tо post every morning. Tаkе advantage оf holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s as well as niche days that are related to your business. So if you’re a small bookstore, make sure to be participating in social media during Banned Books Week. 

Tip # 4. Viral Sounds Awesome, But Target Fidelity

Rather than trying to go viral, you should strive for acquiring a smaller number of loyal followers first. You must also think of social media relationships as real-life associations, which take a long time to form and firm up. The return on investment will certainly not be instant but will eventually pay off. It is more reasonable to invest smaller amounts and grow than to put larger amounts to target a large community in just a single major campaign.

Tip # 5. Don’t Rely on Tools! You’re Creative, Tools are Not

While you can use tools that allow you to create one message and have it appear on a number of social media networks, you risk losing the sincerity behind the message. You can use a nice language as you promote your offer on several sites; just be sure to change up the words while highlighting еасh network.

If you find that your customers are scattered across, then you need to focus your efforts where they are most lively. Otherwise, you may waste lots of time skimming the surface of multiple networks with very little results.

Tip # 6. What to post? How to be Engaging? Hashtags & Keywords?

Post things like quizzes or polls to engage followers, or probably run a live Q&A or a competition. Always use #hashtags and Keywords in your posts.  Do not just post the articles, make your business is alive on several social media platforms! Chat, share, respond to comments and invite users to discuss. Furthermore, exchange and dialogue greatly to strengthen your online reputation. Simply by showing that you are a business owner who is much closer to its clients, you are influencing your brand positively.

Also, find out the top digital marketing trends which your business should follow.

Tip # 7. Be Super Responsive but Friendly

Hopefully, you’ll be getting positive feedback on social media, but it’s possible you’ll also get a lot of complaints too. It is crucial that you move quickly and respond to these reproaches. The fact they have taken the time to complain at all implies that there is also a chance to address their concerns and restore your reputation. Most importantly, by responding promptly you build up an image of a business owner who cares about each client and who can respond truthfully to feedback and criticism by effecting changes.

Tip # 8. Provide Value

Don’t just spend your time on promoting your products or services but also, include fun posts that reveal your personality. It is important to generate content that benefits your followers. That can mean posting tips on best practices, offering access to white papers, or providing special deals on products or services.

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